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A healthier perspective & beating the heat.

July 24, 2019
Save for later!

I’ve been down a little this week, and I need a healthier perspective, a way to beat this heat. I know being gloomy is primarily because Mississippi is sweltering and humid beyond belief in the summer. I? can describe it to people, but if you haven’t ever spent time here, it is hard to get the real picture.

Similar to Seasonal Affectedness Disorder that people get in the winter when it is dark and cold, I get the Mississippi Summer blues. Seriously, it is hard to go out when the humidity is so high it pushes the heat index to 111.

Drenched and breathless in the humid heat, I have been staying in.?

To combat the heat mentally, I have been watching movies set in Fall and Winter where I can be transported to snow filled landscapes. When leaves drift to the ground in a movie, I feel the sweater weather. Visual cold helps me deal with the subtropical buggy atmosphere of Mississippi.

For an additional boost and personal attitude adjustment, I came to Barefoot Inspiration to write it down.

Writing and visual change are two of my strategies for changing my perspective, so here are great ideas for changing perspective and moving into a positive mind set.?

Getting out of your funk or seasonal blues, beating the heat Barefoot Inspiration style:

  1. Go do whatever your thing is. We all need our outlet for getting it out. Go do your thing!

  2. Change your visuals. Pick something to go see or watch that is opposite of how you are feeling. Feed the positive and starve the negative!

  3. Go somewhere else. Take a trip. With beating the heat in mind, last night we planned a short Autumn trip to the mountains where it will be cooler and full of color. A trip to somewhere cold gives us something to look forward to. It is a perspective changer to help leap frog over the last two sweltering months here.

  4. Start a project and see it through. Do you know someone who likes to decorate for the holidays? Those crafty folks who plan a wreath and make it for the front door are giving themselves something to look forward to and anticipate. They extend the seasons and holidays by paying more attention to them and honoring the art, aromas, and seasonal d?cor. To usher in the next season, I need a cinnamon something baking in the oven.

  5. Make an event and something to anticipate.? Over the years I purposefully turned school shopping with my own daughter into an exciting positive event to make it enjoyable. Instead of cutting summer short, it became an annual outing we looked forward to.

  6. Play the music. Music has the ability to propel you somewhere better. A little emotion and great lyrics, a beat with some oomph and you will feel better. Maybe I should make a swelter day play list for beating the heat?

  7. Confront the source of your distress head on. We spent a couple of days sweating it out outdoors working on the yard. Nothing makes you appreciate a cooler house like wearing yourself out outside.

So there you go, several ideas to beat the heat or change your perspective.

Don’t get me wrong, summers are still horrible here, but maybe I won’t be so negative about it! I’m changing my perspective.

Appreciating the air conditioner and beating the heat,


Save for later!

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