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Welcome to Barefoot Inspiration. I’m Kim, a writer, better life blogger, and mom of one. I am also a grandmom to three beautiful grandkids who keep me active. I live with my amazing husband and our two dogs and two cats on a hill in the trees.

How I started:

My original blog kimberlycarol.com was a daily journal and a forum to share what I was learning about living. It grew into personal therapy over time and helped to change my life. Eventually, I wrote about finding purpose, getting past loneliness, and living a fuller life. Through writing daily about the things I observed, I gained more self acceptance and found a long sought after peace.

It was therapeutic to consider and explore why we are the way we are and to look for better ways to approach life. Through writing, I started to feel the strength of looking in the mirror and thinking positive thoughts. Every time I got an email or message from someone who was struggling, and I could help through my blog, I felt purposeful and grounded in my small part of the world. So readers helped me and many said I helped them.

Barefoot Inspiration:

These days I am still working towards a better life while dealing with illness and writing. I write about what is on my mind and think about how I can help people live a happier more fulfilling life. The things I have learned and am still learning end up on these pages. As always, most of what I write is a letter to myself. I am a reader of my own blog.

Some of my focus has changed, but I am still writing about home, relationships, overcoming, and purpose. I am focused on a positive approach to each day and looking at life with expectation and hope. You will also find the occasional scripture and multiple references to prayer which I consider vital to mental health. A world without God is not a world I can live in.

On relationships:

A few years ago, I remarried my husband of 26 years after five years divorced and it feels like we have rediscovered one another. We have created a better life together.

Coming up on 35 years of caring about and encouraging one another, we have found an amazing synergy.

We appreciate each other with incredible grace and understanding. It is a miracle to me that it happened and that is continuing to be such a beautiful thing. With our daughter grown now with three children of her own, we have a healthy productive family, my greatest joy.


I have had many jobs as the wife of a constantly moving Air Force pilot and officer, but continued to write and try to help people get through life. If you were to look at my resume, I volunteered and held jobs in both Music and Youth Ministry, worked as an Art Teacher, librarian, Cheerleading Coach, and held several jobs as an Optical-Tech. I usually ended up tutoring or working as a vocalist somewhere too, but always writing.

My opinions are my own and I am not a doctor of anything, but I find myself talking to people I meet and listening to their hurts and wounds. I have prayed for people and seen great restorations, so I look for ways to help people repair those deep wounds and look toward the future with hope.

As for profession, I’m a writer who likes to expound on love, life, and things I find funny or interesting. Currently, I am a full time blogger and writer.


To add to the joys of reading and writing, please feel free to comment. At the same time, please refrain from unkind, off color, or other undesirable behavior when interacting with this blog. Exhortation only. I believe in the equality of all humankind and also believe we have an obligation to care for animals and to protect the innocent.

I appreciate when you share, pin, post, or tweet something I write. It helps spread the love! 

My goal is to encourage you and also myself with each writing effort. Hope and renewal are precious commodities, so let’s gather in the good stuff and keep improving lives.

Thanks for stopping in.

Barefoot and Writing,

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