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Autumn is here. A new season in our ordinary, but precious lives.

September 15, 2020
Autumn is here.
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Autumn is here.

2020 has been a year of upheaval and trauma. And, though there is always something to be gleaned from difficulty, this year has been exhausting. Honestly, looking ahead through autumn and into winter, I am ready for our lives to get back to normal.?For the sake of our mental health, we need an escape from trauma, the virus, and chaos.

Most of all, I miss the rhythm of our ordinary, but precious lives.?

Families and businesses along with most of America are fatigued by the constant dramatic bad news and the lawless behavior of recent months. Personally, I have had enough of the virus, riots, and constant political bickering. Most people don’t want the upcoming holidays eclipsed by these elements of destruction,?

at all.?

In fact, let’s defy destruction and embrace gathering instead.?

As the days grow cooler, I want to place pumpkins on the porch, hang an autumn wreath, shop for sweaters, and pick apples. I want to gather with family and celebrate life’s milestones, visit loved ones, and live our lives.

Since I am considered high risk for contracting illness, my husband and I haven’t shopped, dined out, or been much of anywhere since the first week of March 2019. Obviously in comparison to the businesses shut down permanently and losing loved ones, being stuck at home is more of an insignificant inconvenience. But, I contend it is our daily rituals, traditions, activities, and family life that give our day to day lives structure and purpose.?

Gatherings and connections give our lives meaning.

Maybe in the middle of the current chaos, we’ve lost our consistency and rhythm, but we can change it, choose to move forward. There is no time like the present to make the change.

Autumn is here, so it is time. Embrace the new season, and in the spirit of fall changes, change the conversation.?

It is up to us to reject the constant barrage of bad news and assaults on basic respect and consideration for others.

If we refuse to watch, react, and support the destruction, while at at the same time stand up for peaceful discussion, we can preserve what is good about America.

We are the place where people should be able to have an opinion without being ostracized for thought, cancelled for not supporting criminal behavior.?

Clearly, it is time to encourage and be uplifting, not destroy and tear down.?

In general, most people I meet are decent hard working people and want a good life, so a positive outlook is necessary. All of this doom and gloom combined with suffocating restrictions on our way of life have just taken away from our humanity. It is human to interact and celebrate, to gather and share life.??

So, let’s speak well of one another and reject the negative mantra. Let’s make a stand for our way of life, defend the man or woman walking down the street or having dinner.?

I will not give up on the good things that make America a great place to live. So, since autumn is here, we will move into the holidays and family time in spite of the nonsense spewing on social media and in the news.?

Time to gather together, talk about the good things, create new memories, because autumn is here.

We are in a new season. Autumn turns to winter, winter to spring. Life goes on. While the seasons move on, let’s get back to living and love one another.

Missing the rhythm of our ordinary lives,?


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