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Battle on.

February 20, 2020
battle on
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Not long ago, I talked to a friend in ministry. He shared that after years of working to plant a church and then minister to those God sent (and sends), waves of reinforcements had arrived. While we stood there talking about this incredible answer to prayer, I heard God whisper to my heart so that I could share it with you, “Battle on, reinforcements will come.”

In the light of God’s help, the wonderful person I was talking to that day (Pastor Kevin Reid, lead Pastor of Cityheart Church, Jackson) felt encouraged and refreshed. God filled the needed slots and surrounded his family with good people. During this joyful conversation concerning God’s provision, the thought, then the direction came again. “Battle on, don’t give up.”

“Having the reinforcements increased our confidence in the purpose that God has given us, reminding us that He sees us, and hears our prayers and the desires of our heart. ”  – Kevin Reid

Battle on.

Understandably, my struggles are different than yours, different from his. But, no matter the obstacles or heart break, no matter the time spent already, all of us need to battle on and battle through.

More from Kevin: “There were certainly moments of discouragement and doubt, but we had to hang on and consistently remind ourselves of the words that we had received before, the promises and prayers that we had been consistently praying and those that were looking to us for hope and inspiration.”

So, beyond this encouragement to keep going, to dig in and battle on, what else do we need to know about the battle?

We need to make sure we have chosen the right battle.

Like my pastor friends, we have a purpose and a smoldering why we were born thing deep inside. Specific to each of us, we also have a job to do, a family to raise, and/or a manifesto to accomplish. So, it is imperative to fight only the battles you are meant to fight.

We don’t want to get mired in a effort or problem that isn’t ours to solve.

Simply, be in the right place and do what you were born to do. Bill Belichick  says “Do your job.” When you leave your area uncovered, your kids vulnerable, your wife or husband floundering because you are off on a tangent, you aren’t doing your job.

We are part of God’s team and we all have a job to do.

Not every battle is to be fought right now either. As the adage states, timing is everything.

You will be more successful when you work on your purpose and battle on in the season God chooses for you.  

“Early on we questioned if we were in the right place and doing the right thing, and it seemed like almost instantaneously the Lord would give us a clear reminder or sign that we were on the right track, we just had to continue battling on.”  – Kevin Reid

Like most people, I have had many seasons in life. From raising a daughter to music ministry and beyond, each role had a time and a place to be accomplished and successful, but seasons change, roles change.

When the time is right and the season set, things work as they are supposed to work. That is why prayer and a relationship with God is so important. There are myriad plans and purposes at stake.

Clearly, we need a clue as to where and what we should be doing, so we don’t gum up someone else’s efforts.

We are not working as a single entity. Outside of our own little worlds, countless interconnecting and interwoven God things happen.

When we work within God’s plan, people get what they need. Also we get what God wants accomplished in the season it is meant to happen.

The conversation with my friend also lifted me up when he shared a story of a wonderful group of people ministering to parolees, people in addiction recovery, and the homeless.

This group called CareCenter Ministries makes the world a better place.

“CareCenter is vital to our city, because while there are other programs that may cater to the hurting and homeless, they do not offer the gospel-centered focus that helps people the opportunity to truly change, become accountable and responsible for themselves and then turn their lives around to a place where they are serving their community as opposed to always taking.”  – Kevin Reid

CareCenter Ministries

Anyone ever involved in that type of ministry knows how fraught with setbacks it can be. Rapt with awe, I found myself crying listening to the description of incredible hands on ministry. Helping someone who has been in prison or on drugs get a job or housing is not that easy, but to respectfully train these same men to turn around and share their success with the next group is miraculous. 

These leaders working in their purpose and season accomplish great things in an area rich with need.

My prayer is that they will be assisted in their efforts, and God will send reinforcements to help them battle on. I pray for provision, guidance, protection, and the right people. It is my prayer that they are surrounded by God’s heavenly warriors and filled with his love and peace.

I am moved that God has raised up men to help other men find a more peaceful life, a more productive life. I hope you will join me right now in prayer for ministry that truly helps anyone leave a life of destruction for one of hope and peace. Thank you God for raising up ministries to love and care for the homeless and those just out of prison.

Knowing there is someone out there in the fight for these men and women whose opportunities are limited is an answer to prayer.

 Here is how you can help. Go to their website to donate, spread awareness, or volunteer in some way. 

More on how you can help CareCenter Ministry:

People can donate gently worn Men’s Clothing and Shoes or any kind of cleaning products for the home. They can also help by contracting the men to provide temporary labor at a great cost, which helps them continue to fund the ministry – including power washing, window cleaning, heavy duty tasks, Clean-up or clean outs, moving assistance, Trash removal, and lawn service. They have done a bunch of work at my house and people at the church and have done an amazing job!”  – Kevin Reid, Pastor City Heart Church, Jackson

Follow the ministry/group on Facebook at at CareCenter Ministries Jackson. When you find them, share posts, comments, and help reach people who need help or who can give help. 

Pray also For CityHeart Church in Jackson, MS, a wonderful diverse church plant that is changing lives.

“I pray that that we would continue to pursue those that are far from God; the lost, people that are struggling with doubt and depression. We want to continue to be a place that meets them right where they are, just as they are and introduce them to the One who can change their lives forever.” – Kevin Reid

Barefoot, but fitted with the readiness of the gospel of peace and writing,


battle on

Save for later!

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