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Break it down, prioritze, get it done, & recharge.

March 4, 2019
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Surrounded by work and a little chaos, I tell myself to break it down, get it done, and recharge. Ooh, then I will feel better, productive, and relaxed. I like that.

No matter what we are up to, we aren’t going to want to do it every minute of every day.?As a writer, homemaker, and wife, I happily spend hours writing and editing at home, but there are days when I need a break. I need to get my head out of my writer’s box and breathe some outside air. Maybe talk to an actual person, interact with my furry friends and see my husband.

It’s nice to be doing something that feels more like play than work, but every endeavor requires space at times, so I went out of town this past weekend and saw some family. When I got home, my inbox was full, the blog was sagging, my notifications needed attention, and my house, my sick dog, and husband needed attention too.

Life can be overwhelming if we try to think about it all or do it all at once.

Intentionally step out of the crazy, then break it down, prioritize, and get it done.

If I put it on a list and prioritize, then I don’t have to think about the bottom of the list, just the next thing.

This morning I started checking off the boxes and trying not to be distracted by my house needing a good cleaning. I decided to make a quick list for the day, then the week. I need a little rest and recharge, but my list has grown exponentially, so I prioritize.

I remind myself to eat a big list one bite at a time.

Break it down, get it done, and then we’ll recharge.

After some work items, I am going to encourage you and I to recharge. We will plan the reward for after work or a pause in the day.

First, put out the won’t wait big fire and feel immediately better. There might be more than one. Knock those out.

Do one of those annoying tasks too. Just get it over with and don’t let it clog up your brain anymore.

Then give yourself another jumpstart with a ritual like clearing your desk or a cool glass of water.

Splash some water on your face, get something to drink, change your clothes, clear your desk, or whatever will give you an uplifting push to the next thing. For some reason washing my face, brushing my teeth, and straightening my area followed by a snack and hot tea is like a shot of adrenalin.

Now breathe deep, set a timer and get some work done with focus. Work your way down your list of priorities quickly.

Treat household chores and workday items the same way. If you have a chore or work item that is weighing you down, break it into parts, assign time slots or days, and execute.

Break it down and execute.

Quit thinking about it and just do it.

Remember you have planned a big reward for that job well done. You will feel better too as you accomplish things.

I pick one huge chore a give myself a day or week and conquer it in parts so I don’t get overwhelmed.

Just a small bit of organization can change your life.

You give yourself time slots to allow yourself moments where work is the priority.

You also give yourself play time so you don’t have to think about work. When in one or the other, use the time to concentrate on that one thing.

Don’t allow work into your play time or whine about home and play during work time.

You will be amazed at what five minutes can accomplish if you are focused on that one thing.

I have a daily list I do and give myself thirty minutes for chores I hate, but they get done quickly and I feel productive. Loads better.

My grown daughter reminds me often that moms lists change by the week and balancing work, kids, and driving time is a lot. Somehow she gets the things that need to be done, done. It takes eliminating time wasters and things that depress you or suck the life out of you and prioritizing.

Your life is a series of seasons and moments where priorities change, but priorities are the key.

Choose to feel good about yourself and get your chosen stuff taken care of. You will feel loads better.


Make a list and prioritize.

One thing at a time.

Plan a reward.

Break big chores into small and execute.

You can do it.

Then, relax and recharge.

Reward yourself.


Barefoot and writing this morning,

puppy time and cleaning this afternoon,

amazing reward and husband time after,


feature Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

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