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Create a little sunshine on your own.

October 21, 2019
choose happy and create sunshine
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Create a little sunshine.

I don’t know anyone living a perfectly happy all the time life. In fact, happy people have trouble and difficulty just like the rest of us do. How happy people handle the trouble is the key. The lesson from this? You might have to create a little sunshine on your own and stop waiting for the some day when trouble is gone to be happy.

Attitude is the key to rolling with the punches. We choose happiness. It doesn’t spring up from a trouble free life.

If we are honest, we don’t always get what we want or have a beautiful day, and occasionally we have to suffer through something hard. But like those happy people with lives far from perfect, a better life starts with our attitude about our troubles.

Sources of joy, creating sunshine:

Having my grandkids around a lot lately has made everything so much happier on the whole. The wide eyed wonder and genuine honest communication is unmatched in the joy it produces. I wake up with a smile on my face.

You can’t be down for long when you are surrounded by children smiling their merry crooked smiles at you. We all get a twinkle in our eye when children are truly happy.?

I choose to be happy when they are here, because they will grow up and move on to other things. Not only that, I choose to let go of some of the other things in my life at the moment and focus on spending time with my daughter and her children.

Normally, there are entire weeks where I have to talk myself into a better attitude. I start out the morning feeling physically awful and wonder how I am going to get through the day. However, I get up anyway, take meds, eat breakfast and make the house look nice or sit down to write. Just getting started and pushing past the initial negative is a move in the right direction.

If you aren’t surrounded by sunshine people, you might have to create sunshine on your own.

I am not saying I don’t occasionally break down. As someone who has suffered many losses, my own life isn’t perfect. Death, difficulty, and fibromyalgia makes it almost, well, sucky. I have to laugh at myself telling the truth here. Humor helps, right?

Our attitude is everything. Basically, we can choose sucky or laughter.

Sucky or laughter. Roll with it or roll over and cry. Which one is it? Good life or sad?

I choose happy and I choose laughter.

So the first order of business is to choose. Get your attitude straight and don’t listen to your inner voice that wants to wallow in sad.

Don’t listen to the negative mean girl or guy inside.?Create a little sunshine in spite of every negative thing and choose happy.

For more inspiration click on how to choose happy here.

Let’s do it. Let’s get past whatever is holding us back and choose happy.

Barefoot and writing,


attitude is everything, create a little sunshine

Create a little sunshine.

Save for later!

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