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Do something different. Break out of the TV trance & live.

October 8, 2019
Do something different.
Save for later!

Are you in a TV trance or still living real life? Let’s do something different.

Are you tired of sitting night after night in front of your flat screen where other people live? Maybe you have noticed you need to do something different.

I had to ask myself whether I am living or watching other people live.?

If you think about it, are the lives of those on tv so much better than yours? Probably not. Watching too many train wreck lives, mental health issues, and tragedy is unhealthy. Too much negativity is depressing.

On the other hand, I will concede watching positive programs and informative shows can be affirming and uplifting. But, whatever our viewing habits might be, some of us watch far too much tv or media. So once again, I ask myself, “Am I living or watching other people live?’?

I have an idea. Let’s say no to current cultural trauma and turn off the television and smart phone gazing. Let’s transform our lives with real experiences and star gazing instead.

I get it. You are tired after work. In fact, some shows are informative, some are funny. Look, some are exciting!

My question is this “Do you miss excitement? Has your life ground to a halt while you wait for something to happen?”

The truth is that nothing new will happen in your own life unless you do something different.

Turn off the TV and change one thing in your life right now to bring back anticipation, interest, excitement.

Go somewhere new today on the way home or run in, change clothes, and get outside your walls. Even sitting outside for a couple of hours as it cools off will boost your endorphins.

Get tickets to a concert if you haven’t done that in a while.

Don’t let your life and job become a prison. The time has come to break out.

Try a hike. Even if it is to the end of the street. Better, quickly look up hiking trails in your area. Quick. I’ll wait.

Stop watching people live the life you want to live and live it yourself. Your sanity and happiness are worth every effort to have a more fulfilling life.

TV is depressing much of the time. All those commercials and yelling. The negative train-wrecks of lives played out for an audience are traumatizing. Put the remote down and back away.?

TV is also bad for the brain. Yikes, it makes us susceptible to ideas and beliefs that are not our own. It is hypnotic. Pretty creepy!

Do something different.

Get up and go out for dinner.

Get up and go dig in the yard.

Build that thing that has been on your mind.

Touch something real.

Play some music. Read a book.

Protect your eye gate barefoot inspiration style and turn off the junk.

After you have turned off the tv, turn on your own mind. Let’s do something different.?

Barefoot and writing,

Get out of the TV trance and live.

Turn off the TV and turn on your mind. Get out there!

Save for later!

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