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don’t let one more day go by where you are unhappy

December 29, 2019
no longer unhappy
Save for later!

I have a mantra. It is this: You have one life. In light of that profound statement, don’t let one more day go by where you are unhappy.

Do not waste one more precious day waiting to be happy. If you are grumpy, angry, sad, unhappy, or depressed, it is a momentous waste of the time you have left on this earth.

Stay with me. If that made you mad, give me a few minutes. If it made you tired or sad, keep reading.

It is up to you to stop right now and do one thing to change your trajectory. One thing. Yes, you can do one thing that makes you feel better right now, to-day, so you can stand yourself and let go of unhappy. Could be reading this post.

Grumplestiltskin is not attractive. You don’t like him or her, so let’s fix it. Just one small thing could help you today.

Then, we will string together enough happy thoughts and moments to help you or someone you love get past this funk.

Here are some things you can do right now:

Watch one of those videos that make you laugh at least once a day. Laugh out loud. Put it in your schedule and change what goes through your eye gate. Think it is silly? Good, do it anyway. What goes into your mind comes out in ways you aren’t aware of.

Do not watch the news. We all know the media doesn’t know what they are talking about anymore and has lost touch with us. That stress you feel when they are talking is a sign.

Watch funny, poignant, or incredible only.

Your brain is haywire and needs a reroute. Change your food, your environment, your reading material, your music choices, and your evenings.

When you clean up your input, your brain will reroute and the chemical electrical wonder that is your mind will change your mood and focus.

More things you can do right now to demolish unhappy.

You can say yes to an invite or invite someone to meet you for dinner. Or, you can make something incredible in your own kitchen. This activity usually involves something simmering on the stove in your tidied up space and lots of light (and maybe a puppy).

Speaking of that, is your house dark? Lighten up. Paint some walls, clean some rooms, and open those blinds. You need light like you need air.

If you think you don’t have time, when will you have time to save your own life?

When will you have time to live the one you have happier?

At the core and most vital to happy is gratitude. Be grateful for your life. How many people do you know that have gone on, passed away? Isn’t your life precious to someone? If you have lost people, it should be precious to you. Life, that is.

Why waste one more minute unhappy? Haven’t you been unhappy long enough?

Here is the one thing you need to know. It is within your power to change something that makes you unhappy or leads to unhappy. Big or small, fix one thing right now.

I get it. You hate change. However, unhappiness affects everything. In some small way, make a change.

You can get up on time in a cleaner house, and take better care of the one body you have.

Happily, you can choose better music. Music that makes you smile, not cry. Play music that makes you want to dance!

A happier you needs to be a healthier you, so drink water instead of alcohol. Alcohol slowly drains us of resolve, energy, and joy. Okay, cut down. Just limit your consumption to one and your body and fr-amily will thank you.

You can take a shower and put on clean clothes. You can brush your teeth and clean your kitchen while playing great music or a funny movie.

When you smell good, the whole world smells better. Think I am kidding? Remember that one girl or guy who always smelled good?

If you want to look younger, feel younger try this list. Top ten ways to kick aging in the gut. Youth Serum for real life. ?

You could also look for a job that doesn’t make you miserable. Send out some applications. Tell your friends you are looking for something better.

That’s it.

Your brain is clicking and there it is. Goodbye unhappy. Hello today and tomorrow.

With life in mind, do some simple things to change your surroundings and input. Rewire, reroute, reset.

Barefoot and writing,


don't waste any moe time being unhappy.

Rewire, reroute. Time to live. Don’t waste one more minute being unhappy.

Save for later!

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