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Don’t mistake a woman’s soft side for weakness. Mother’s Day musings.

May 4, 2019
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During the month of May and in honor of Mother’s Day, I want to give you a piece of advice about women: “Don’t mistake a woman’s soft side for weakness.”

Women have so many roles. It is confusing sometimes the many ways we swap hats just in a day: lead companies, support, protect, mother, love, lift, correct, add, repair, do our jobs, encourage, be a partner, teach, create.

We have so many demands on our time and energy and yet we manage to still bring strength, kindness, and softness to the world.

Nevertheless, do not mistake a soft heart for weakness.

I have survived a great deal of tragedy and personal loss and have come out stronger, so don’t underestimate the power of a woman who has endured. Looking around me, I see women in my life who are incredible, conquering daily foes while raising children and grandchildren, leading churches and companies.

Be advised, we are mighty and won’t tolerate the back seat.

Personally, my greatest strength has been revealed in recovering with more determination, and living with faith without becoming bitter, because there is always someone who has endured more tragedy.

To be both soft and strong, powerful and vulnerable is truly the superpower of womankind.

Mother’s Day calls to attention the blessing in your life of the person who brought you into the world or is/was your acting mother. Who mothered you? That mother, grandmother, or aunt who bandaged your knee, took you to school also stayed up with you when you were sick and tried to provide the best care she could. There is so much strength is giving comfort when you are exhausted or sick yourself. Women who truly “mother” are great at that. That softness when you need it most is like a big lap to climb into even when you are grown up. However, should anyone think joy or softness makes women weak, look out. When someone mistakes my kindness and compassion for weakness, they get a big surprise.

I am resilient, empathetic, stubborn, and soft, yes. But weak? Just try me. I may get knocked down, but when I come up, I will be swinging.

Mother’s Day is the reminder to acknowledge the strength and softness of your mom. Treat her with respect. Treat her like a powerful woman.

Verbally acknowledge her contribution to your life.

Physically go where she is or send her a card. At the least, call her and tell her the ways she has impacted you as you got older. It is not easy to raise children or even give birth.

Let’s acknowledge the worth of motherhood with giving mothers the respect that is deserved. 

We are the softness and strength in this world.

Happy spring and Happy Mother’s Day month.

Barefoot and writing, 


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