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Dose of laughter stat! Top Ten Movies

April 2, 2019
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Today’s advice straight from the heart is to laugh. Let yourself laugh with your whole body, snort, giggle, and laugh out loud. Laughter is a dose of medicine for your soul, mind, and body.

Top Ten Feel Good Movies?

Most of the laughter in my life comes in waves. Once I get started I can’t stop. I love to tell the story about giant roaches in Arizona who met up with an F-15 pilot complete with hand motions, screaming, and body movements that would send us all in to hysterics, mostly because I could barely tell the story without losing it myself. The roach vs. pilot meeting was funny, but became much funnier in the re-telling and animated story embellishment.

What makes you laugh or feel better?

Try one of these great movies!

Last Holiday (2006)

One of my favorite feel good movies is The Last Holiday with Queen Latifah. Told she is dying, the threat of death makes her spend it all for one last amazing holiday and really live. I feel great watching it!

Find what makes you laugh and feel great in a positive way.?

A movie that makes me laugh with tears streaming down my face is Morning Glory with Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford, Patrick Wilson, Diane Keaton, and Jeff Goldblum. It has a great cast.
The funniest thing in the movie is what happens when the weather guy Ernie goes on location for the fastest roller coaster story. Every single time he rides the roller coaster and passes out screaming I lose it, tears down my face, laughing out loud.
Morning Glory [Blu-ray]

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Maybe you need a dose of laughter stat!

It is the best medicine without a doubt, so find ways to add humor to your life.

You can surround yourself with funny happy people or complaining miserable people, it’s? completely up to you.?

Have a party and invite fun people, they will come. Fun funny people like parties.

I like the movie The Holiday because it has a good story with great life lessons about kids, the value of older people, and dating with kids, all while being funny and beautifully made. It is a great movie to add to your collection and watch with a friend or significant other.

The Holiday

Great storytellers are good friends to have, and I have family and friends who are incredibly entertaining. I am drawn to their witty conversation, intelligent craziness, and youthful animation. They fill up the spaces with laughter and joy. So, I like movies about good friends and gathering to celebrate like we do..

Recently, watching Thor Ragnarok with my husband, we kept stopping the movie to laugh and talk about quotes. An Avengers buddy movie ( geared more? to adults), Thor’s personality really comes out. He is played by Chris Hemsworth and has the best lines. When he faces his friend The Hulk in an arena, the ensuing discussion and “fight” are so funny,? I have to stop the movie.


Make a list of your own favorite movies and collect some of these for a set of? “never fail to cheer you up and make you laugh” cinema.

We should add good things to the world, perpetuate the positive.

?Ask everyone you meet, “what is really funny to you?”

They will enjoy talking about themselves and you might get a great story.

Last night we watched Notting Hill, an older romantic comedy, but good every time. Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts, and the witty comedic cast makes it a fun watch. We still quote its best lines often. We love the birthday party scene where friends gather. Reminds us of our friends.

Notting Hill?

What about Zoe Saldana and Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy? 1970’s music, great lines, wit, and a ridiculous good time. Again, much more adult humor.?

Guardians Of The Galaxy?

For the younger set, a modern day Twelfth Night is She’s the Man.

Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum screaming over a spider will get you out of a funk.

She’s The Man

Of course, there is Elf. Endless quotes and nonsense that is a great time. A true feel good movie. I like the Santaland boss who is a great character actor and says conspiratorially “Someone’s gunning for my job.” Click for fun.

Proverbs 17:22
A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

Sometimes when we are down, we need to be reminded to? live and flourish.

Like The Last Holiday movie above, Groundhog Day teaches Bill Murray to really live. It’s a keeper.

Groundhog Day

For bibliophiles and love birds, there is the iconic and witty Pride and Prejudice. More feel good than funny, but a comedy of manners about being prideful or misjudging someone. Very romantic.

Pride & Prejudice?

Repeat those experiences that make you laugh and feel great! Talk about them and laugh again!

We need to laugh. We need love.? It is healthy.

for TEN MORE movies to watch with your guy or girl click here Ten more feel good movies.

Barefoot, laughing,? and writing,


Photo by from Pexels

For another post on happy entertainment and humor as medicine click here. Send Grumplestiltskin packing.?

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  • Reply Jessica Linquist July 8, 2019 at 6:52 am

    An Affair to Remember
    That Touch of Mink
    Calamity Jane
    Pillow Talk
    My Favorite Wife
    Sweet Home Alabama
    Bachelor Mother
    Just Like Heaven
    Singin In the Rain
    Lord of the Rings (trilogy)
    The Tender Trap
    13 Going On 30
    Ferris Beuller’s Day Off
    Pretty In Pink

    I have way too many. But these are a few of my faves.

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