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forgotten relaxer, happy thought bringer, energizer

February 6, 2019
Save for later!

Slice a lemon. Pour steaming water over your tea of choice, add the lemon. It’s warmth and therapy in a cup. When I write and drink hot tea, it is a forgotten relaxer, a happy thought bringer, and an energizer for me.

What’s yours?

Odd how some things can be both a relaxer and an energizer.

I’ve become a tea drinker again. During a recent week under the weather, I found the warmth and the aroma of hot tea soothing.

My husband added honey to help my throat and I slept better. I think I forgot how nice hot tea can be.

Now, I have to have a cup several times a day. When I write, when I read, and after dinner chatting with my husband. It is so satisfying that it takes the place of a snack or dessert.

The whole room smells like berries and lemon and my book awaits.

I might actually take a look at my manuscript again today.

Tea and writing, a habit from years ago that I have found again.

Have you forgotten something that used to energize you?

Some wonderful habit, hobby, or past time that put you into creative happy mode making you lose hours of time unaware?

Just wondering. There are so only so many hours in a day, but they are so precious.

Why not now? Grab that forgotten relaxer, happy thought bringer, and be energized.

Barefoot and writing,


Save for later!

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