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September 13, 2019
nature's excitement
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Let’s add excitement to our daily lives.

I’ve been thinking about the everyday lives of ordinary people. Specifically, I have had lack of excitement in daily life on my mind.?

For instance, my own personal reality is my daily write from home job, duties as wife, main housekeeper, and caregiver for our animals. In addition to spending time with my daughter and family when I can, these things make up my small life in a small town. Regular stuff right?

Most of us are ordinary people doing what needs to be done. Big excitement might not be a daily thing in our day to day responsible adult lives.

There was a time when my husband was a fighter pilot and I was making music and art. We were surrounded by people with similar interests and always had something to do. It seemed as if life was rushing by so fast. Consequently, our lives were always interesting and occasionally incredibly exciting, but things have slowed.

Admittedly, I slowed my life on purpose. I felt overwhelmed and over run. But, I am talking about excitement, not activity. Quality over quantity.

Fibromyalgia has made most activities outside of daily life difficult. But, I still miss community activities and the interesting people we spent time with before we all ended up in different towns and lives.?Don’t misunderstand. We are both still working and doing interesting things, but excitement in daily life has dwindled.

Our daily life is a little mundane. So, with that in mind, our current goal is to add excitement back into our lives.

Some people are addicted to the tv, internet or their “phones.” Others spend too much time at work. However, if our day to day lives were more exciting, we wouldn’t need those crutches.

The next step is to choose some things to do outside or our norm and do them not as an escape, but as adventure and sensory awakening.

We need to be aware of adding more excitement through nature, stimulating conversation, and active punctuations in our everyday existence that will wake us up and keep us living.

Getting outdoors, talking without the tv in the background, a camping trip, a drive, and dinners out where we linger add so much to life. Change your scenery, add color, music, concerts, new books, and meet new people. I imagine your list could be bigger and better. What are your ways to wake yourself up?

Our senses, emotions, and physical activity are the keys to living wide awake and feeling beyond the flat daily to do list.

Think about it and add some excitement back into your responsible adulting life.

Barefoot and contemplating excitement,


Save for later!

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