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Expectations from a PomChi’s point of view

January 7, 2019
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Expecting good things.?

I was thinking about expectations this morning. I expect good things these days. When I wake up, my thoughts are positive and usually go something like, ?Ooh, bed is warm, but gotta get up, coffee, need coffee, need to let Janie and Darcy out, open all the drapes, ?Oh wow, nice day!? Even tired as I was over the holidays with company and gatherings, I still wake up positive and expecting good things.

Expecting good things is kind of like a dog?s life.

Have you ever read one of those dog thoughts versus cat thoughts dialogues?

The dogs thoughts are like “Hooray! Let’s go outside!”?Then, “Hooray my human gave me a treat!” and, “Go for a ride? Hooray!!” Owner leaves, dog sits by door and owner returns, “Hooray, you came back! I missed you, time to eat!”? He runs around jumping and barking joyfully.

In contrast, the cat wakes up and says,

“Day 211 of my captivity. Smelly human placed rations of unknown?substance on the dirty mat nearby. I must eat it and?keep up my strength, so that I can escape at the earliest opportunity. Soon the smaller humans will come to torment me in my confinement and I will probe for weaknesses.”?

The contrast makes me laugh! I want to be more like my dogs Janie and Darcy who are so happy to do anything that we do on a daily basis. Janie even stands still while?I give her a bath, and then jumps joyously when we are done, so that she can be blown dry,?”Hooray, time to blowdry!”?

Expectations have so many sides and scenarios that it would be difficult to try to cover even a small portion of how?expectations color our lives, but how about today, we expect great things?? “Hooray, it’s? a Tuesday!”?

Since I am also a cat lover and want to give equal opportunity for both species to shine (because how dare we chuckle at our cats expense), I have to say that my cats joy is brought out by two things:? The laser light and foam earplugs. She needs these things the way I need air.? She practically goes into spasms of joy when I toss the little foam earplugs for her to chase.? “Hooray, ear plugs!”

Expect good things!

So the next time your husband, wife, friend, dog, cat, boss, grandmother, child says “Hey let’s go ?”(fill in the blank with something?not involving physical or mental harm) say “Hooray!!” and remember to bark and jump with joy, because that is one of the ways we give flowers everyday to our loved ones.

Barefoot and expecting good things,?


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Bark joyously when your people get home. #expectgoodthings

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