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Fall Bucket List: fireside chats & a dash of cinnamon.

November 4, 2019
fall bucket list
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Fall bucket list: To inspire fireside chats with a dash of cinnamon.

Start with a fresh plump pumpkin right outside the door or on your dining room table to get your fall bucket list off the ground.?

Bring home some apple cider too.

Wear a new sweater.

Go outside and indulge in fall’s leaf changes.

Rake leaves together.

Then, throw the football with your kids.

Star gaze on the next clear night. The cold will embrace you and stimulate your senses.

Stay up late and have a romantic discussion by firelight on your next date night.

Find your gloves.

Get out your fluffy socks.

Go to a fall festival and?have a caramel apple.

Put on your boots and?take the hay ride. Smile and let something pleasant happen.

Go to a ball game and have the hot chocolate.

Gather and cut firewood with your family.

End the day with a fire pit gathering

and make s’mores with your kids.

Have everyone give thanks.

Take a hike on a clear cold day.

But enjoy a rainy day inside with autumn movies or on the porch with a cup of coffee.

Spend a morning baking fall cookies or pies.

Make soup and let it cook all day.

Fill the house with the autumn aromas.

Find a new scarf to wear with your coat.

Plan your big Thanksgiving dinner.

Have hot tea with a friend or take a walk.

Take some fall photos

or?go to an outdoor music concert.?

Make banana bread with walnuts. Eat it hot with cream cheese and a steamy cup of coffee.

Try horse back riding on the weekend.

Tomorrow, hang a cinnamon broom inside and let the aroma fill your whole house.

Take that fall camping trip or

spend a day driving through the mountains.

Wear mittens.

Add pumpkin spice to your coffee and cream.

Make a chicken pot pie from scratch.

Cook with your kids.?



Make your own fall bucket list!

Barefoot and writing on a chilly day in the mountains,


fall bucket list

fall bucket list

Save for later!

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