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Fight for your life: 6 Steps

February 9, 2019
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You are in a fight for your life.

It is time to go on the offense. You are the only one who will and who can take these steps to fight for your own life. It is up to you to make a stand for yourself. You are not alone, but it starts with you.

These six steps will help you get out of a funk of regret or sadness and fight for your life.

They will help you send destruction out of your life.

First, when you feel a spark of happiness or joy, feed it.

Figure out what creates more joy and happiness for you by observing when it is present. Then, drench the moment with more time spent doing what made you feel great. Don’t let it dry out.

Joy is multiplied when shared, so give some away and spread it around too. You already do that? Great. More joy, more good things. Listen to music that reminds you of happy things not sad, movies that life you up. Allow yourself to feed the happy.

Take photos of good experiences. Put them on the walls in your house, so you are reminded of good things. Talk about things or experiences that were good. REFUSE to give the old ugly experiences any more life. Tend the fire of good things instead.

Secondly in the fight for your life, you must STARVE the negative stuff.

Imagine joy and happiness as a glass of pure clean water and your heart and soul as vases. If the vases are filled with the sludge of past regret and negative self destructive thoughts, any joy that you pour in will be muddied and disappear.

Starve the mind sludge of destruction, guilt, anger, negativity, any old bad habits.

To get rid of the sludge, you have to STARVE it.

REFUSE to give the sludge any more of your valuable time. Say that out loud. I refuse to give guilt, anger, bitterness, or unforgiveness any more of my valuable time! I refuse to give bad habits any more of my valuable time. Whatever is weighing you down has to go.

Then, tell the destructive things to go.

Tell destruction, guilt, anger, bitterness, and unforgiveness to go. Anything that is trying to take your joy has to go.

This is where you make a stand. Tell those things to leave your house, your heart, and your mind.

Then, ask God to put peace, love, and joy in that place that is now clean. Do it every day.

If you are a Christian or believe in God, demand those things leave in the name of Jesus and ask God to replace it or fill the places with peace, love, and joy of the Holy Spirit.

Next, replace the mud with good things. Fill the clean place with peace, love, and joy. In the fight for your life, when the house is clean, fill it with the peace, love, and joy.

Do it right now. Demand all that negative self destructive ugliness to leave and then ask God to fill it with good things. Do it out loud. Say it with authority.

Healing will come by continually pouring clean pure water into the vases and rinsing out the mud.

Picture it. As you wash the dirty vase, and pure clean water is poured in until it is clean.

Do it until it holds. Healing shines the vase, and it comes through prayer, good relationships, and positive input.

Remember what goes in is what comes out. Put good in, and good comes out.

Let God wash you clean. Ask him to. Then, ask him to fill it with the good things.

In addition to cleaning the house, take out the trash.?Old dirty baggage must be allowed to go. Remove it by letting go of the search to analyze it.

A lifetime of self introspection can make anyone sad or guilty. No one is without baggage. No one has lived an exemplary perfect life but Jesus. Every person you meet has done something they are not proud of.? Most people do something everyday they would take back or do different. We are not perfect people. No one on earth is a sparkling example of perfect life. Even the most holy people, the most giving have moments of ugly.

Let it go. Let those things go.

Clean the vase, ask God to fill it with pure, let the rest go. Forgive yourself and forgive others, moment by moment if you have to.

Last, to help seal the clean house so to speak, change your overall environment.

We all need somewhere to belong and something to do that is healthy.

Seal the deal. Don’t create create new battles by allowing any more negative to flood your world every day.

Try to identify and remove roadblocks such as critical or miserable people, a job you hate, and negative media. Choose to deal with those things from afar to be less affected.

Others people’s drama is not your responsibility when you are in a fight for your life. People make their own drama most of the time. Their bad decisions and poor choices or lazy never grow up habits are not your responsibility.

Those people in your life that drain you dry of happiness need to go for a while.

You are fighting for your very life.

Say that. I am fighting for my life.

Whatever makes you feel negative or anxious, take care of it, pray about it, get rid of it.

You have the steps. Act now. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, even under your breath, tell it all to go and ask God to fill you with good things.

Your steps:
Feed the good spark.
Starve the negative.
Tell the destructive things to go.
Fill the clean place with peace, love, and joy.
Take out any leftover trash by letting go of the dirty baggage analyzing.
Seal the deal. Don’t allow any new battles or sludge into your clean place.

Barefoot and writing,

fight for your life

The steps to FIGHT for your life.

Save for later!

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