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Find your why & live your life like you mean it..

August 15, 2019
Your family may be your why, your reason to do what you do.
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Find your why and live life like you mean it.

Why do you get up every morning and do what you do? How do you keep going when life gets really hard?? Do you know what your deepest why’s are? Find your why.

Days that stretch into the future absent of dreams or somewhere to head, days without something to work on or work for, are empty. If your chosen profession or other important life work doesn’t get your blood pumping, if you don’t have someone or something to do it for, you are going to feel empty or pointless. Consequently, we all need a why.

You probably already know what makes you feel happy in the day to day. However, it more important to figure out what your reason is to get up every day and keep going when life it at its most difficult. You need something deep and personal to sustain you if the world comes crashing down.

I reflect on my own whys on a weekly basis, because living with fibromyalgia can get me down. In?fact, I keep a whole set of reasons in my will to live and thrive arsenal of whys.

Your why can be a life goal, a someone, or a beautiful dream. It can be an ideal or faith. For many, it is family.

My appreciation and thankfulness for my life and the lives of my remaining family is a big why for me. Life is too short and too precious to waste. I’ve lost people who were very important to me, so I appreciate the gift of life.

Secondly, my family deserves my best me. I haven’t always succeeded, but my beautiful daughter deserves the best me I can give her. My husband deserves the best wife I can be. I want to live a life I can be proud of, a life my grandkids will remember and be proud of.?

Right now, I have an additional why in preparing for retirement. We have a couple of years of focus ahead in order to end up where and how we want to be. I have to remind myself of the why, so I can accept some delayed gratification steps. For example, get that new car or retire quicker?

Without a clear reason to do what you do, you might feel deprived or put upon. You might walk around angry or feel overworked, under appreciated.

Knowing your why will help you see past the problems and hard days.

Dreams keep us moving forward. Clear purpose gives us energy and a framework for life. A higher calling is energizing.

To clarify, finding your purpose and defining your why will change your perspective.?

For this reason, you need some well thought out, well spoken, easily called up to reenergize you in a difficult situation, whys.

Your why can be a dream or purpose. It can be your calling.

When you know where you are going and why you do what you do, steps reveal themselves. Clarity and direction bring focus.

If you have ever felt pointless, hopeless, lifeless, or lost; if you have lost your reason to get up and try, then you know what it is like to be truly unhappy. In contrast, I want to feel something that is good, spine tingling, energy producing, filled with excitement, rather than feeling flat and lifeless.

If you look closely, you will find that happiness is rooted in dreams, purpose, and your why.

Happiness is made up of contentment, excitement, hopefulness, making the impossible possible. It is spiritual. It is using our minds and body to create a better world, a better day, a better moment…and sharing some of those with other people.

The happiest people I know have at least one thing in common – A reason to get up every day…a why, a purpose.?

These same people allow themselves to relish the victories, experience the losses, rejoice in the big moments. They see past the hard times.

Consider what you would do with endless hours with no where to be, nothing to do, no one to be responsible for ever again. Endless days stretch into flatness without real interaction, without achievement, without pride in a job well done, without a life worth living.

We wither away without purpose, because our minds need to be occupied. Purpose, dreams, and your why is fuel for the brain.

Consider how our brains? hum with good purposeful thoughts, creative energy, and focus.

Compare the hum of purpose to the unoccupied mind that looks for something to do and comes up with destruction or addiction.

Give your brain something to grab onto so that you won’t look for momentary false intensity through self worth killers like porn, drinking too much, bad relationships, causing chaos, or driving too fast.

It is human to want to feel something real, so?If you don’t give your humanness something better to grab onto, your weaknesses will come to the surface and beg for attention.

With that in mind, only someone who has been in that dark place will know how amazing coming back into the light feels.

Find?your why and stay out of the dark.

Whether you are an extreme sports junkie who is always striving for that next big trick or jump or a librarian filling the library with children and new books, having a reason to be there that gets you up and excited about life is the key to being happy.

Come on. You can do it. Anyone can think about what they are good at, what they like. Figure it out. What is your why. What is important to you?

Don’t let another hopeless day capture you. Find your reason and focus on that. Just start. If you don’t know your reason, make your focus finding it.

We all need a reason to get up every morning & do what we do. It needs to be clear, meaningful, & powerful.

Find your why & live your life like you mean it.

Barefoot and writing,?


Find your why. Your family may be your reason to do what you do.

Find your why and live like you mean it.

Save for later!

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