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Give your life a boost with music. Revamp your soundtrack.

June 2, 2019
Save for later!

If you can’t figure out why your mood has been so blah, maybe it’s your soundtrack that has been missing. As we get older, some of us forget that our lives have a soundtrack and how much we need music’s boost and life for our brains.

Give your life a boost with music. Revamp your soundtrack and get it into the atmosphere.

When we met back in college, our soundtrack was full of songs from Billy Joel, Phil Collins, and Lionel Richie mixed with The Beatles, ABBA and Heart. Later it was Ron Kennoly, Gloria Estefan and any positive uplifting song we could find.

When I hear songs from those artists, I feel young, confident, and sassy. I feel recharged.

Even though I write from home in complete silence, after I get done for the day, music ushers in my chill moments and helps me transition from work to play. Music is the ultimate mood changer.

When I need that anti-anxiety shot in the arm, music never fails to deliver. I just tell Alexa to play Diana Krall and my whole body relaxes. My brain and mood get a lift. Rejuvenated, I move differently as I cook or pick up. My glass of wine even tastes better and I feel very female.

Consider this science: “Music has strong connections to the reward system in the brain. The striatum releases a chemical known as dopamine, which results in a feeling of pleasure. In fact, imaging of the brain has proven this process to be similar in fashion to the brain?s response to food or sex.” (

Music feeds our minds, hearts, and souls, lifts us.

To cook with my husband, we listen to the seventies or select oldies. We end up dancing in the kitchen while we cook when certain songs come on. Sometimes it’s slow dancing, but most of the time, it is groovin’ to something like Michael Jackson, The Doobie Brothers, or the Eagles.

Music makes every moment so much more poignant.

My guy and I have been together for most of 35 years, so we have a lot of music history and emotional connections to songs. Our marriage gets a jolt from cooking sessions with our soundtrack of great songs from our endless movies and out of town trips.

If I need some energy, I have created a mix of my favorite high energy songs on an old school I-Pod.

Honestly, My life needs a super hero soundtrack, because I have endured and conquered, just sayin’.?


For the car, we have Sirius radio and enjoy crazily searching for great stations on trips.

When I feel confused, sad, down, or negative, I tell my home Alexa to play current Christian Praise and Worship music.

It fills our house with the praises of God. Praise dispels the darkness and the name of Jesus is a weapon against anything not positive or anything unGodly. It is a spiritual reboot.

Music is a gift and can propel us to awe and wonder. Remember the emotion of your favorite concert or a symphony?

How you soared or even wept? Play that music to remind yourself of the great moments in your life. Remind your spouse or significant other of your soundtrack together. Stir up the emotion with your greatest hits.

Music will transport you and elevate your next moments if you stop, take a moment and let it wash over you in a bath of memories and emotion.

Barefoot and writing,


Give your life a boost with music, you are a superhero in need of a soundtrack.

Save for later!

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