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Grandchild wisdom: Coat with glue & sprinkle with glitter.

March 25, 2019
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Our granddaughter likes to add glitter? to every project. She cuts paper in an endless array of animals, people, and flowers. Then, she coats some part in glue and sprinkles it with glitter.

Grandchild wisdom: Coat with glue & sprinkle with glitter.

Maybe you need some glitter in your life right now?

Everything my granddaughter touches sparkles.?Not a bad life lesson for many adults.

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On the other hand, our grandson? likes to assemble and create new projects from interesting things he finds.

His form of a glitter add is construction. This is a great book for an inquisitive kid.

Since we enjoy interesting projects and like birds, we bought binoculars and put up birdhouses for bird watching. ??

Bushnell Binoculars? ?

New or old doesn’t matter, my grandson likes to build. His art projects turn into assemblages, glorious constructs.

With precision and focus, he makes new projects out of what might be considered useless, unimportant, or old to someone else. At nine, no Lego, paintbrush, marker, or tiny vehicle is idle. Everything he touches becomes something new.

Then, there is the youngest. She takes cues from the other two, but has a good sense of self.

She chooses color with instinct in a riot of bright green, aqua, sunshine yellow, and a touch of red. Color is her go to for the add glitter step.

The updated punch of rainbow makes our youngest granddaughter happy .

This past weekend, I enlisted the grandkids in a project to remake a decorative birdhouse cabin that belonged to their great grandfather.

After finding it in our garage declutter, I cleaned the years of? dust and deterioration and gathered supplies.

On Saturday, my nine year old grandson directed the new improved re-assemblage of our birdhouse cabin.

Together we replaced the decorative moss in varying shades, and the bright spring greens immediately brought the tired cabin back to life. Each grandchild chose a bird to represent themselves and we hot-glued them on along with items that had come loose. We added cardinals to represent their Grandpa and his parents.

The result was charming and all of us enjoyed the afternoon spent gluing and arranging. During our art afternoon, they each made birdhouses at the same time and proudly showed them to their Grandpa.

We didn’t add any actual glitter, but our afternoon was coated with glue and sprinkled with life’s magic, life’s glitter.

For a project with your kids or grands, you might try a birdhouse bundle to paint or glitter glue.

Grandpa oohed and aahed and hung the decorative birdhouses in the tree on the deck for the day. All three were very different, but each so beautiful.

Looking back, the weekend was full of sparkling life lessons.

Don’t forget the glitter!

From recycling with my grandson, using lots of color and happiness with the youngest, or handling life the way my six year old granddaughter handles almost every art project, much can be learned.

When life gives you something difficult, clean it up the best you can. Use the best parts, add some color.?For the final touch, coat with glue and sprinkle with glitter.

Just add glitter, who knew?

Barefoot, sparkling, and writing,


When life is hard, coat with glue & dip in glitter


Save for later!

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