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If you can name it.

February 25, 2019
Save for later!

I am flawed. If there is a way to mess up, I have probably done it. On the other hand, I will move heaven and earth if someone truly needs help and I work on being a better version of myself every day.?

As people, we are all flawed.

To know your weaknesses and flaws, work to overcome them, but still love yourself and be proud of yourself is a huge milestone in a life.

When we accept ourselves, we give the world a gift. A healthy person improves the world around them, gives love without conditions, brightens the room just by being in it.

What can you give if what you have to give is charred with self loathing and anger? I have talked about letting those things go and becoming a healthier person. It is time to allow yourself to move forward.

Some of the tools to give you and your brain a more positive boost that I have discussed in prior posts are the following. You can click on any one of these:?

Self talk to change your mindset. Love, how to’s, and faith

Good things lists to improve our outlook.

The energy that Hope gives.

Writing down the desires of your heart to start the ball rolling.?

Protecting the eye gate to protect happiness.

Getting rid of chaos to usher in some peace.

Surrounding yourself with healthy people and other happiness tips. Good community helps us get past emotional trauma and helps us see ourselves in a better light.

What issue is still causing you trouble? If you can name it, you can get free of it.

Is it forgiving yourself? Do you need help with will power or saying No? Forgiving someone else? Letting go of anger? Are you just tired and want to hide?

Whatever it is, if you can name it, you can get free of it.

I am going to say that again.

If you can name it, you can get free of it.

There are many ways to do it.

You could try professional counseling.

See someone you can talk to. If you don’t like that one, see another one. If you need someone to talk to, do it. What are you waiting for? You have one life on this earth, so make it the best you can. You will never have this day again. Why waste another one sad, lonely, or angry? Trust me, there is nothing you can say that will shock a therapist.

Secondly, journaling your thoughts and turning your problems into solutions works for some people.

I am one of those, although I have also been to counseling in the past. I turned my journal into a blog where I can encourage people which encourages me too. Whenever I have an issue or see another’s struggle, I write about it. I write the problem, then I think about solutions and write those.

Remember, if you can name it, you can get free of it, so we need to know what is at the bottom of your difficulty.

Another answer is to cast off the offending weight by speaking to it and telling it to go.?

Every time this issue that is holding you back raises its head, tell it to go.

I call it letting go of the awful thing and taking charge. You are in charge of your life. Stop, get a grip, and take charge. Whatever is holding you back needs to know who is boss.

If you are a Christian or want to try a powerful method of getting rid of some evil weight, say In the name of Jesus, (then name the unhealthy thing that is holding you back) You must go.

Additionally, if you feel you don’t have the will to fight against what is holding you back, ask for that. Ask God to give you the will, the energy, and the want to fight. Tell yourself you have it.

Finally, involve positive community in the fight to overcome. People want you to be healthy and happy. Ask for help.?

Let someone in on the fight who is a strong positive person. Do not share with negative, angry, or critical people what you are trying to accomplish. They will not help. They will make it worse.? Enlist community if you need to, but be picky.

Barefoot and writing,?


If you can name it, you can get freedom from it.

Save for later!

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