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Integrity & Courage: Let your life match your beliefs.

June 25, 2019
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I have to remind myself who I want to be on a regular basis. Faced with so many decisions every day, knowing who I am, knowing what I believe in, and how I want to live my life is vital. At the foundation of? the daily to do lists and raising children or going to work, we should live our lives as a reflection of what we believe. That is integrity, and it takes awareness and intention. This path also requires some courage.

To live with integrity is about wholeness; Your life tells a story about your inner truths, so what truths are you telling the world with your daily life?

With a goal of living what I believe in mind, I have a belief system that I try to live by. Consequently, when confronted with a situation or decision, I know myself, who I want to be, and what to do.

I ask myself “Does my decision or choice line up with who I want to be?”

It is less confusing to walk a path that we have consciously chosen.

If we know where we are going, who we are as people, we can make decisions that line up with our beliefs. In the every day, we will make less mistakes, hurt less people, and be better people.

What lessons have you learned that you know without a doubt you don’t want to repeat or that were a bad idea? Think about that for a moment.

What things do you admire in others and want to be part of yourself?

In particular, stop and think about your gut reaction to injustice or the things that make you happy or angry. Those things can give you a clue to who you really are on the inside.

Ask yourself right now what is important to you.

How would you describe who you want to be?

I want to be kind, truthful, generous, educated, Godly, constantly learning, a listener, a reader, an educator, an encourager, youthful, joyful, life giving, humble, flexible, steady, a good mom and grandmom, orderly, creative, surrounded by beauty, and one who hears the truth in others, allows others to have flaws, mostly one who loves in a healthy way.

Not an easy list, but all great goals that are worthy of effort and it is who I truly want to be. It is where I am heading. I want to be described as these things, but it takes mindfulness. To be honest, I don’t always do what I believe or say what I should say. I am imperfect, human. But, I want to be a better person. It is a good thing.

In order to head there, I have to know what I want. Recording a list refocuses my attention on who I want to be.

Integrity: wholeness, living your life as a complete story of what you believe.

Who are you now and who do you want to be as a person? What will people say about you when you are gone? Can you be proud of how you will be described?

With that in mind, be aware that there is a dialogue in your head, voices from the past who may be trying to tell you what your failures and failings are.

You are not your past failures unless you choose to be.

Some of us carry those critical, mean spirited, close-minded ugly voices that shouldn’t be allowed to part of who we are. In short, choose to let go of those ugly voices and pick new life descriptors.

Again, it is within your power to change your story. God gave us brains, his words, friends, understanding, but also will.

We have to choose or allow change in order for our will to get in line.

What are your descriptors of who you want to be? Are you ready to? line up your daily decisions up with a better story?

Above all,? you and I can pray for us both to be the people we want to be. Find your integrity and live what you believe.

With hope and prayers for all of us,

Barefoot and writing,

Living your life as a complete story of what you believe. What do you want your life to say?

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