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It is a new year. Resolve to make it better

December 20, 2019
new year
Save for later!

Are you stuck? Is your mind playing a constant record of unhappiness or doom and gloom? You can conquer it! This year is passing and your new year awaits!

It is a new year. Resolve to make it better.

In light of the new year, I have resolved to take care of some health issues and give myself a better upcoming year! Who doesn’t want a better year?

Truth be told, there are some habits I need to add to my daily life to help my physical, spiritual, and mental well being. As always I am making a list.

Join me?

Now, where do we start?

Here are some ideas for renewal and reset in the new year.

First, tackle one project that you have been putting off.

You know the one that is getting on your nerves and stresses you out to think of it? Either go do it right now, schedule it, or eliminate the need to do it. Procrastination makes you feel bad mentally and physically.

Frame that photo, clean out the garage, visit that person, pay that bill off. Whatever the thing on your list, get it done.

You have it in you to knock it out! So smile, shout, and GO!

Additionally, get rid of a project or hobby you don’t do anymore that is taking up space and crowding your life making you feel guilty.

It is your life and you can decide to say No thanks, I am done! Wow that feels good. Let something go that makes you feel bad.

Next, tackle that one bad habit or one area you want to conquer. Be specific.

Do what you need to do to start the ball rolling.

No one else is going to do it for you. The most amazing thing is that the things you conquer yourself will make you stronger.

Conquering something gives you confidence.

If you don’t know how to conquer it, sit down and give some thought to anything holding you back and tell it to go. Deep down you are a warrior. Don’t be afraid of your inner lazy. You have conquered things before.

Ask God for the will, desire, strength to do it. ( If you are a Christian, cast it off in the name of Jesus. There is power in that statement. Make it your prayer.)?

Do something constructive to move you in the direction of conquering the habit. If it is financial, set your bills to pay on a schedule and a weekly sit down to keep on top of it. Make some changes to free yourself from the worry.

If it is alcohol, you might need some assistance from AA or a friend. Do something today to get you headed in the right direction.

But, whatever you resolve to conquer, allow yourself to get free. Declare it, and move forward.

In the new year spirit, add one exciting healthy thing to your life. Replace that old bad habit with an amazing healthy habit.

Write it down and post it where you can see it.

It could be doing something you have always wanted to do. Maybe something in your environment needs spice. Try some new sport or walking trail. Go somewhere you have never been. If it is too much caffeine or too much junk, just replace with better.

What we eat, hear, do, listen to, and spend time on helps us or hinders us, choose accordingly.

For a big boost, stop allowing behavior in your life that causes you stress. Make one stand by saying No or removing that group/person’s influence from your life.

If relationships, partying, or alcohol causes you to get into situations you have trouble getting out of, then change it. There is no better time than the present. Get some help and change it. You are worth it.

For an immediate lift, clean your house like crazy and get rid of old junk, papers, stuff in corners and on tables.

A clean house in the new year does wonders for the mind. It is a scientific revelation that a clean clear space makes us feel better. Cleaning out the trash of life is cathartic.

Give your closet a quick clean up and toss some stuff into the donate box. Get rid of those old ratty clothes you wear and bring home something awesome to wear at home.

Look the way you want to feel. Instead of spending hundreds on food, buy clothing that makes you feel incredible at home.

Replace the ugliest most worn out thing in your house or just remove it. Things like that make you feel ugly and worn out too. The new year calls for renewal.

Also try these for a new year refreshing:

Paint the wall that is in the most need of renewal. Don’t hang stuff on it. Let it be clear space.

You might need some white paint. Get eggshell and paint everything clean.

Clear surfaces to make your whole house feel more open.

Hire someone to clean your yard up for the winter or get the whole family out and make it look nice.

Let all the new year renewal extend to your whole life.

Have less, do more.

Then, get out of the house with someone you like and go where it is quiet. Have a nice dinner or go to a concert.

Watch funny movies on a Saturday night.

Clean your car up and make it smell nice.

Listen to beautiful music while you eat dinner instead of watching the soul sucking news.

When you think of stress, what thing do you think of? Work on that thing. Repair it, get rid of it, change it, say goodbye to whatever it is in its current condition.

Happy New Year!

Renewing and keeping my barefoot perspective,


new year

In the new year, resolve to make it better.

New Years Resolution for reset and renewal.

Save for later!

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