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It’s never too late to get going in the right direction

February 5, 2019
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It’s never too late to get going in the right direction.

Are you living the life you want to live and if not, why not? My thoughts for the day are on the life lesson that “It?is never too late to get going in the right direction.”

Which of these is your tendency?

Are you of the dive in or?wander in?without too much thought crowd?

We can be so quick to fall into the next thing instead of waiting on the best. Do you accept “it will do”, or do you?hold on to the dream of great? Are you waiting on direction and guidance, or are you in?such a hurry to get on with it that you miss the next blessing or best to come?

There is a second group: The slow to act and finally cave, but then worry the whole time group.

I have friends who miss opportunities worrying too much about what to do. They spend so much time analyzing and procrastinating that the opportunity comes and passes them by.

Which is your issue? Do you think too much? Worry too much? Or do you rush headlong into things without thinking?

Then there are those that seem to hit just right and strike the right balance.

Somewhere in the middle between no thought and all thought is better.

Those that are?balanced and thinks things through, but also still open,?don’t miss opportunity when it comes.?

Do you shut down every new idea if it isn’t yours? Or do you allow others to share their great idea and discuss with them? Are you still thinking about how unhappy in your job you are or that dream you had years ago?

It’s?never too late to get going the right direction.

It is never too late to turn around and reroute.?Your have one life on this earth to live and live well, so choose wisely and make it your best.

When this day passes, it is gone.

For most things, it is not too late.

There is very little certain in this life, but we can choose our next steps.?It is never too late to say I’m sorry or I love you,?and it is never too late to live your best life.

Barefoot and writing,



Save for later!

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