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mississippi fall & what may come

October 11, 2021
fall and what may come
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Liberty, a Mississippi fall & what may come.

There is nothing like the glow of the undulating prairie grasses of a Mississippi fall. From intense yellow gingko to luminous pale green, and the red berry shades mixed with rusty bronze, it is beautiful. Our southern state puts on a more muted show in autumn compared to the north, but the softness and quiet of the prairie is compelling. 

However, while walking this beautiful and ethereal landscape, I sense the malevolent storm on the horizon. It is unsettling.

Honestly, I feel like a woman on the bow of a creaking wooden ship peering into the darkness. Something is coming and it isn’t good. My gut says to get ready, batten down the hatches.

I am putting out pumpkins and mums for the fall, but I am acutely aware of that look over your shoulder feeling, an alertness.

Between Mississippi’s fall colors and the fervent hope that someday we will return to the best of ourselves, I want to ignore the unease. But, our current political and spiritual situation says, “The sky is dark and we are at risk.”

Fall is the season of change and preparation, and this year it is more important than ever.

Specifically, we can’t be silent about attacks on liberty and freedom. We must defend our fellow Americans who are being forced out of their jobs.

I use to be more laissez faire, live and let live. You have your ideas and I have mine, right? We are all different. But, somewhere along the line, political leaders decided that everyone must embrace their every view wholesale or be punished. For instance, leaders on the left want conservatives to lose their jobs, careers, families, and their lives for daring to disagree with even their most extremist views. A great example was get vaccinated or lose your job and agree with abortion or be kicked off campus and lose a tenured position.

We can no longer live and let live. The authoritarianism is at our doorsteps.

Eventually all of us will have to face the problems and attacks on liberty and free speech. (I often wonder if it is too late, but I still have hope). 

Pay attention. Within the political, economic, and social arena, there are hostile and poisonous voices that wish the working and small business owning Americans harm. Recent events implore us to pay attention. After all that has transpired recently, such as Afghanistan, the vaccine mandates, and the direction of Merrick Garland to the FBI to investigate parents questioning CRT/critical race theory and masking, we must act. 

Debate, discussion, and dissent used to be a central tenet of American life.

We used to be proud of standing up for what we believe in instead of jailed or pushed out of mainstream life. Colleges used to celebrate debate. What happened??

On top of all of that, Pelosi’s push for an unlimited abortion up until birth law? Are you kidding me? More than 80% of Americans do not agree with that evil.

Other disturbing events are unfolding daily including the mass chaos at the border heading inland. 

These events are harbingers of worse to come, and this fall, I feel like the greatest threats are already here.

Do I ignore it, wring my hands or march in the streets? Clearly, we can’t ignore it and hide. Should we do more than turn off the television, leave social media sites like we have? More than not watching award shows and not supporting people who hate America? Definitively yes.

Letting go of most social media pushed anxiety right out the door for me, but those purges are just a start. Decrying mainstream media and turning it off is not enough.

In my cocoon of home, I don’t want to worry about the whole world. It is almost too much, but we have no choice.

At the moment, any observation of current culture makes me wonder, “What happened to wholesome? Where did innocence and beauty go?”

If we don’t speak up and act now, we will lose our freedoms to worship, to assemble, defend our families, and participate in our traditions no matter how diverse we truly are. For instance, many educators have expressed that parents should not have a say in educating our children. Once again, are you kidding me??

Furthermore, when our own government seeks to label more than half of America terrorists there is a problem. (i.e. parents of school children who speak up for their kids at school board meetings, those who support our 2nd amendment, anyone who voted for Trump or other conservatives, and the most recent –  the millions not getting vaccinated or who won’t embrace critical race theory).

The truth is that we have to revive ourselves now and wake up! Implement our part of defending freedom.

How do we do that? How do we wake up and act?

First, we need to at the very least purposely revive all that is good and holy in our communities to save our future.

A personal and collective return to scripture and prayer, praise and worship is our frontline defense. We need the healthy flow of spiritual healing into our minds and bodies. “

             If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

At the same time, speaking up, speaking out, and standing for principals is a must. We are no longer the silent majority. Stop being afraid of offending someone. Just tell the truth.

Our only hope to dispel evil is to recognize it and actively speak against what we don’t want.

Get informed by educating yourselves about current issues from multiple sources. If you are still watching only “main stream news”, then you might be a little behind, so diversify.

After recent news blackouts of the true results of the vast fraud uncovered by the Arizona audits and the walk out of Southwest Airline employees to shut down flights (among many others), it is clear NEWS IS NOT THEIR REAL BUSINESS.

Remember the sing song we learned as kids? Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me? Still true. Grow up. Learn to debate an issue or move on. You are going to need a thicker skin.

We can hear and read different opinions without imploding. That is free speech and used to be a cornerstone of American liberty. This fall, make it a priority to seek out alternative news sources. You will read and see some strange things and start to recognize propaganda if you haven’t already.

One tweet from a celebrity or talking head does not make an intelligent take on a subject, so investigate a little beyond your usual purview. Read sources other than parrots of your own views. Knowledge will change your life.

Ignoring the ugliness and evil all around us won’t solve it. We have to do more than turn off the television, the web sites, and murderous entertainment. Go beyond more than decrying porn and sick twisted junk coming from entertainment industry.

I know at the very least I can pray, prepare my home, and inform my loved ones.

  1. Pray. (Prayer is warfare, so try these posts.  Truth and spiritual weapons. or this post: Psalm 91 is a prayer of protection).  
  2. Prepare. (Posts on preparation: Prepare for the aftermath of the 2020 election or this post: Train yourself and train your family. It is simple. We all need to have back stock of food and supplies.

Stop buying nonsense for a while and stock up on the basics this fall. Eliminate the unnecessary. There are definite intentional supply chain issues, so just be prepared, especially if you have kids that depend on you. This idea shouldn’t be a surprise after Covid19 lockdowns and natural disasters. Just be smart.

Protect your children/grandchildren and their education. Become a homeschooler or at the very least, find out what they are learning in school. Look up the current issues like Critical Race Theory, anti American curriculum, and vaccine mandates, masking. All of it is unhealthy, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Also, defend your family by making your home as safe and fortified as you can. At the very least, lock your doors and add some safeguards like deadbolts, a fence, a dog, and a stronger door. To me this is common sense in any day and age, but particularly now. If society breaks down even a little, you will appreciate your ability to keep your people safer.

Keep your vehicles gassed up, oil changed, and repair issues quickly. In other words be more responsible and stop waiting on someone else to take care of you.

Due to the changing political and social landscape as well as infrastructure issues, have alternate water source systems or purification plans in place. Look up how to have healthy drinking water  – today. Get your family life straws. Keep water on hand. Freeze water if you have space for future use.

Finally, do what you can with what you have and look for reasons to be encouraged. 

After writing for a while I go to the window to take a breath. I have been worried, but there are moments of encouragement. When parents stood up to school boards , I was encouraged. Recently, when Larry Elder ran for governor of California, and celebrities began to speak out against cancel culture I saw a light at the end of the tunnel, but we may have to endure some great hardship before things change.

We are spoiled with instant everything, and that is a crutch we must cast off. Prepare ahead, way ahead. Think about next month, next quarter, and next year.

When I take a break and go outside, the late afternoon trees and landscape have the golden sheen of fall, a spectrum of light and color that brushes the landscapes. Shafts of light pierce the tree line and the autumn understory glows like it is illuminated from within.

The ethereal light reminds me that God is still God and he is not surprised by the current insanity.

While the Mississippi fall eases the pain of a world gone mad, the quiet before the storm doesn’t negate the threat. It is time for both offense and defense. Whatever the true condition of our country and our world, our job is to do what we can and then stand. (Read more in “Having done all, stand”)

Instead of fear of what may come, stand up for truth and be prepared. Each day, pray like your family’s lives depend on it.

Barefoot and praying,


Choose you this day who you will serve… As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

Joshua 24:15

Save for later!

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