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Find the Life You Were Meant to Live

January 8, 2019
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It is early in the morning as I write and so quiet. I?ve opened the blinds and drapes to let light flood my room. In planters on the deck, evergreens perk up the absence of flowers, and I feel calm and peaceful. I live a happier life than I did before. It is a precious gift.

There is a lesson here in this moment.

It takes intention and persistence to find the life you were meant to live.

For me, the big decision was to stop, get still, and spend time thinking about it. I was a very unhappy person, and after having so many jobs and living in so many places, I was confused as to what to do next. It took several years to figure it out.

I had been an Air Force wife with multiple jobs, several career changes, but through every situation and place I lived, I wrote. I wrote for therapy, I edited for friends, but I was always writing. Once I thought it through, it was obvious.
I had always been a writer.

If you are not living a life that is both fulfilling to you and a gift to others:

1. Take some time to figure out what you were made to do.

Are you willing to stand up and fight for what you really want out of life? Then you have to start by figuring out what that life would be like. Remember your best life won?t look like anyone else?s.
For me, the dream was to write full time. I also wanted to live in a place I could make beautiful that was full of light and peace. Eventually, I wanted someone to share it with that loved me. These elements gave me a direction. I decided that whatever would not fit with those things needed to be phased out.

2. Eliminate the distractions.

Evaluate your personal situation and decide which things are hindering you from pursuing your dreams.
After all that time thinking about my life and people, I did not pick where I would live or how much money I would have. I chose how I would live, what I would do as my life?s work. As long as I had my laptop and some peace, I knew I would be happy wherever I was geographically.

Additionally, after life at so many economic levels, I knew that my level of happiness was not related to income. I also didn?t choose a particular person; I worked on myself.

Basically, I chose to write. In order to write regularly, I needed more peace. I had to distance myself from chaotic people, chaotic situations, and a series of jobs that were stressful and miserable.

In order to create time to write, I also had to limit demands on my time. Prior to my decision to change, I ran around trying to save the world at the expense of myself. Admittedly, That is hard to say.

Finally, I left a situation so stressful I was physically ill.
Don?t be afraid to say no to things that fill you with dread. You are designed for a purpose, uniquely outfitted to do something special. Start the conversation with yourself and figure it out. You can eliminate distractions and choose the elements of life that are uniquely you.

3. Make a simple plan and start.

After spending time making my home life less stressful, I bought a better lap top, moved to a new place, and started writing.

We all are wired for a specific purpose and if we are aware of what we truly want and what we are good at, we live a more fulfilling life.

The most amazing thing about living your best life? Others living their best lives will find you.

Barefoot and writing,


your best life

find the life you were meant to live

Save for later!

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