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Love, How To’s, and Faith

February 23, 2019
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The most popular posts in my blog and subject matter discussions are still the same years later.

People want to know about love and relationships, get How To’s, and find words of encouragement on faith.

We are people who need love.?Married, single, dating, or living alone for a while, we need love.?

To love anyone else starts with being able to love oneself well.

This post is not written for the self centered for those who think a little too highly of themselves. It is for those who want to be better versions of themselves.?

I’ve always said if you love your neighbor as yourself, and don’t love yourself, you don’t love your neighbor.

We can only give what we have, so to truly love others, we have to accept ourselves. Self care, self acceptance, and nourishing our inner man with positive loving thoughts is a start.?

It is like a tune up. Get right with yourself.

We all have some issue, something that is not good or perfect. I am sure we are aware of our own failings, but the focus should be on what is right.

When we look in the mirror and only see what is wrong, it handicaps our present and our future.

Here is your How To.

Exercise in loving yourself:

Make a list of things you have done that are in line with what you believe, a list of things you have done right. Every time you have helped someone, given your time, energy, care, space, or a phone call, you have done something right. Remind yourself how many times you did something that was the right thing.

Drove out of your way to see a friend or help someone? Helped someone move? Took someone’s shift at work? Let someone stay with you? Talked to someone difficult? Protected someone? If you did any of those with a spirit of kindness, helping,? or humility, it was a good thing.

Make an actual list. Add to it over time. it is not a bragging list; It is a self help-self talk list.

Self talk can make or break you. Choose to change your self talk. You have to catch yourself doing it and stop the negative beat-up.

If you have a bad day and start beating yourself up you can read that list to get back on track.

Think this is dumb? How many times have you sat around and thought about all the things you did that embarrass you now. How many times have you been awake thinking about what you screwed up?

When are you going to think about what you do right and move forward? Get unstuck?

Today. You are going to stop the negative self talk, today. Replace it with self acceptance.

Self acceptance and self confidence are attractive.

Be lovable by accepting yourself.

Secondly, quit trying to make others accept you if you haven’t accepted yourself. You are focused outside your own issue. Why would you keep trying to change other people instead of just working on yourself? You will be loved when you become more loving toward yourself and start moving forward.

Look out for yourself.

The first person looking out for us is us. Does that rub you the wrong way? I am not talking in a selfish self focused way.

Looking out for ourselves involves so many things I can’t cover them all, but start with surrounding yourself with good people, removing yourself from conflict, and protecting your environment. Give yourself a safe encouraging place to be as often as possible.

Fill your mind with positive music and entertainment. Protect the eye gate.

When fighting for your life and peace of mind, you have to be willing to change some things.


Caring for yourself also involves understanding that God cares for you.

Accepting that without a bunch of “buts” is the key to some peace of mind.

Every time you question why you are here and why you were created when all you do is mess up, think again. Why is it that you think you are the only one messing up? Everyone does.

They might have better secret keeping or a better publicist, but people screw up.

No one is the exception. Everyone has crazy thoughts and desires. It is what we choose to act on right now that is who we are.

God chose flawed people, because we are all flawed. You will never be good enough for everyone, so let that go.

God created you for a specific purpose. It is your job to figure out why and for what, but you have to get past yourself first.

You are loved. You can be loving. Take your positive self talk and practice self care.?Focus on what is right.

Daily, fill your mind with beautiful happy things and have faith that God loves you.

Life can be better. It is time.?

Barefoot and writing,?


Save for later!

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