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Magic moments in an ordinary life.

October 1, 2019
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Magic moments in an ordinary life.

The word magic has been on my mind lately. I am not talking about the Harry Potter kind or Vegas shows. Instead, I have been thinking about magic as it appears in the amazing things that fill us with awe. Our lives’ most astonishing joys, emotional highs, and healthy excitement are marvelous keys to living awake.

In our otherwise ordinary lives, magic is the punctuation, the sparkle that evokes positive powerful emotion. It makes us feel alive.?

These moments stack up against all the negative in your world. If you come to understand the power of the moments, you will give them time and energy. You will? make sure the best memories are more plentiful than the not so good, because when a moment is powerful, we relive them in our minds.

In a relationship, the magic is made of the compelling moments we don’t want to forget. Something deep and wondrous is opened inside and we feel something intoxicating.

When you dance with your someone with abandon, take a trip to somewhere incredible, or decide to get married, worlds shift, life changes. These highs draw a couple closer to one another.

Every positive memory you make combats difficulty.

We relive their magic.?In fact, it is a healthy part of a relationship to speak of these memorable moments where we connect so powerfully. They remind us of why we chose our someone and reinforce all the good things present in our lives.

Magic is created by awe inspiring moments when we see the drama of God’s creations in nature. Water falls, mountain ranges, and canyons fill us with something inexplicable, an incredible surge of wonder.

We also find magic in the poignant moments with our families.

Deep emotional moments in our lives like when our children are born, learn to ride a bike, or graduate from high school are events to celebrate together. Or the time you achieved something exceptional and it was acknowledged with your family present. The emotion of some those times can’t be duplicated, but they should be remembered.

The magic should be shared and savored, because those events don’t come but once.

Great moments that we recall during the holidays or at family reunions become part of our family folklore, our traditions.

I used to call them movie moments as if they should be accompanied by a soaring soundtrack. When my husband became a fighter pilot was one of those. The night his achievement was announced in a room of our friends and colleagues was and is unforgettable.

Magic makes life livable.

Moments beyond the norm make life exciting and give us something to look forward to.?When your life stays the same day after day, you have missed the magic. But, it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Maybe you stopped noticing or letting yourself feel the extraordinary.

It could be that you are so tired or overworked you don’t care. However flat you are right now, open up if you can.

We all need the mountaintops to be prepared for the valleys. We need the highs so we won’t be overwhelmed by the lows.

The magic take us up and lets us sit on the heights where we breathe the air of joy. I think it is best savored with another someone or someones.

You have the ability to punctuate your life with moments of the heady and divine. You can intentionally participate in the special moments.

Allow some wonder, find the awe. Create the extraordinary with travel and experiences, but most of all, be aware of the magic all around you in your day to day.

Notice the incredible.

Barefoot and living a magical life,



Magic is the punctuation that makes us feel alive.

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