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Make 2020 the year.

January 30, 2020
Save for later!

Have you thought of something you have wanted to do? Or, did you think of a change you want to make this year??2020 calls for some decisions, a life changing referendum. We have a chance to do something to mark this year and make it memorable.

Did you think of something you wanted to get rid of or conquer?

Is there a plan or a dream sitting on a shelf waiting on you to decide it is important enough to try?

Make 2020 the year.

If not now, when? For some and their dream on the shelf, it is time.

First figure out the what.

Start with a general idea. Talk about it and consider your dreams. Discuss with people you trust.

Make outrageous ideas a possibility just by giving them air.

Then, narrow it down and focus on the crux of the issue or goal.

Give your what a name.

Large or small, take the what and give it some thought, but don’t take too long. Don’t wallow in the how or why it won’t work. Focus on the why it might and how it might.

Does this dream fit with your life in any way? Sit down with your partner and toss some ideas around.

Make 2020 the year you take action. Action is the key.

Do something towards your goal. Do some personal research. Take a trip to try it out or do a smaller version. In an way you can, put your toe in the water or plunge, but do something.

Take a step, then another. (Don’t worry about the end of the road if you aren’t on the road yet or just getting started).

For the huge things, the life changers, real change might need some prayer and fasting, coupled with determination and focus.

But, however you do it, just take some action.

For some a simple decision propels them to bigger better things. I am one of those that likes orderly steps and a clear goal.

If you need help making a decision click here.

What is your style? How do you get something big done? Whatever your style, go ahead and get things moving. It doesn’t have to be dramatic.

It is never too late to get going in the right direction.?

It’s not too late. Let’s get started. Make 2020 the year. Maybe try one of these.?

Barefoot and writing,?


make 2020 the year

Make 2020 the year.

Save for later!

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