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Minimally speaking.

March 31, 2019
Save for later!

Minimally Speaking

I am not sure I am ready to be a strict minimalist, but I am certainly ready to let go of some stuff. Daily, when I clean up, I remind myself to keep the best, and lose the rest. I suppose minimally speaking, I choose less is more.

First, think about when you go on vacation and you take only what you need. You are vacation focused, and this mindset is a study in minimalism.

It is so liberating being on vacation. Everything is clean and organized, more light, and a clean fridge. Food looks better, tastes better, sheets and towels are white and clean, the bedroom isn’t cluttered.?

You aren’t surrounded by work and you have just what you need to live while on vacation.

On the way, you might pick up some groceries, borrow a paperback and a dig out a castle pail, but not much more. You don’t need anything else.

Your home can be like that. Stay-cay or every day makes sense when our homes are places we want to be.

When we let go of the piles of excess, and polish what is left, our homes feel clean and renewed. We enjoy them more.

Letting go of the past, all its stuff, and all of its clogged up negativity is life changing.

I am ready for the clear mind and clean corners that decluttering and reducing produce.?

No projects waiting to be done, no items waiting for me to use them so I don’t feel guilty for purchasing them in the first place. Less laundry, fewer dishes, less stuff to maintain.

Oh wow, less stuff to maintain!

My rooms are ready to breathe, closets ready to look nice when I open them. What better time than now? It is warm and breezy outside and I feel energized by the thought of letting go.

As we clear out old things, broken things, and stained or torn things, we feel renewed too. Some items we let go of will take old or bad memories with them.

Feeling overwhelmed or stressed from too much everything? Here’s your chance. Spring clean and declutter your way to a new less is more lifestyle.

In fact, I might have to come back to this post, because the mood just hit me to take care of something that has been annoying me. Right now is a good time to start!

I am stopping here to clean out the cabinet under the sink. My cabinets above look great, because I did them a while back with expanding storage shelves. However, under the sink is a mess.

Tossing the broken, the empty, and especially the useless is so energizing. I consolidate a couple of multiple bottles of Windex and Dawn and then wipe the cabinet clean and put the rest back. Five minutes. Wow.

I put adjustable shelves in my kitchen in most of the cabinets. They are sturdy, have flat slats so glasses don’t tip and my real storage for things that I really use was expanded. I have tried several others that I picked up but none were as sturdy or flat topped like these. The expandable feature makes them fit any of my cabinets.

Expandable Kitchen Counter & Cabinet Shelf Organizer, Bronze

Look at your spaces and choose the one cluttered or dirty thing that bugs you. Remove it, clean it, or sort it, right now. It will give you such energy!

Start with that one spot and really clean it, a drawer, a closet, a corner, a piece of furniture. Stop and think of that one spot. I took photos of my kitchen and looked at them later to see what was the biggest eyesore. Junk on top of the cabinets caught my eye in the photos!

I always choose the biggest eyesore because I get the best satisfaction from cleaning something I have to look at or use everyday. Remember, minimally speaking, less is more.

My everything drawer in the kitchen is next. Oh, and that top drawer in my dresser!

This morning I emptied a closet and got rid of some more stuff. Boxes, paper, odds n ends, and various things we are not using are now in the garbage. In the end I limited each storage need to a shelf. Wrapping, ribbons, tape, bags, and tags got a shelf. Office supplies got a shelf, Crafting and art for my grandkid visits got a shelf too. I have relegated files to the bottom, and will probably spend tonight shredding and cleaning out files so they take up less space. I put lightbulbs in their own bin and put it up high since we use LED and rarely need to change them. Lightweight up high, heaviest on the bottom.

There is something primal about shredding. It is a minimalist dream. Reduce the paper trail clutter stuffed all over your house to a pile of shredded nothing.?

It feels awesome to purge the past, purge old paperwork and unnecessary statements. (Be sure to keep 7 years of items related to tax returns in case of audit) and always keep your past mortgage papers, but those electric bills that are 15 years old? SHRED! I also keep warranty and service manuals but sifted through and got rid of ones that I no longer have the item to go with it.Instead of buying more storage, I got rid of more stuff! Then what is left is easy to store in simple inexpensive bins. The ones above are easy to move around and reuse.

Doing that one closet and making it multifunctional was a load lifted from my mind.

I can’t overstate how tired I am of clutter and non useful items taking up so much space. The non useful, don’t use, never use, or won’t use items are getting the boot. We are only keeping what is necessary to function well.

Minimally speaking, clear minds come from cleared corners.

The next time I open my newly organized closet, or the door to the cabinet under the sink, it will be like a tidy person Christmas. I love organized spaces.

Clearing the debris takes some focus, but it feels great!

Moving towards a more minimalist life is sounding better and better.

Remember, keep the best, lose the rest.

Barefoot? and organized,


Minimally speaking. I am ready for the clean corners and clear mind that decluttering and reducing can produce.

Save for later!

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