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Move, wiggle, dance, leap about, or something.

February 7, 2019
Save for later!

Need to get moving, I’ve turned into part of the furniture, a cushion that types. Move, wiggle, dance, leap about,

or something.

I tend to get focused on something and barely surface for days. My hair looks stringy, my floors are vacuumed by a robot, but hey I’m writing.

My little dog also gained half a pound which is a lot for a dog that weighs 8 pounds. We have stayed indoors out of the weather, and most of the time I am propped up in bed typing away.

This cave thing has gone too far. That’s it, I’m getting up. Need to move around and get my blood pumping. Come on, time to move.

We all do that don’t we? Get stuck in a rut, working too much or lazin around too much or worse, moping. In my case, it is getting so involved in a project I forget to do anything else. I must force myself to schedule some personal time, house cleaning time, and husband time.

I no longer have to schedule writing, it just happens. Its the other stuff that I forget to participate in.

I think today is moving the body, getting the blood going, and reconnecting with life outside of writing time.

Ok so there you have it.

Time to move, wiggle, dance, and leap about. Or maybe just walk the puppies out of doors.

“Alexa, play Happiness Mix.”

Barefoot and writing,


Save for later!

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