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Own it

May 2, 2019
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I have wanted to write about owning it for a long time. But, I tend to cover a subject when it comes up in my own life, especially when I need to hear it again myself. Every post in a sense is a letter to myself, so here are my thoughts about owning it.

This phrase came to me years ago and shows up everywhere, but what does it really mean??What does owning it mean in reference to our lives?

Owning it:? accepting responsibility for your own life, your choices, actions, and decisions.

Seems simple.

When you take responsibility for your choices and decisions, and you accept the mantle of your life, you are adulting at its best.

You have taken ownership.

You own your choices and decisions.?You are responsible. It means the buck stops on your desk.?

You quit looking for why things happen, and instead, you make things happen.

Owning it gives you the eye of the tiger.

Be clear, be relentless, and you will get there.?

No more blaming other people when something doesn’t turn out.

No more whining about how things aren’t fair. You take ownership of your part in how your life and your living goes.

When you complain about your spouse, it is as if you have forgotten you picked him or her. Own it and fix it, or change it. Sometimes the only thing you can change is yourself, so work on that.

When you stop blaming other people and focus on what you can do to improve, you will feel more powerful, less blown about by the wind. You will stand taller when you approach your life as if you truly are responsible for what happens.

You will put forth more effort, and you will be stronger.

It is not a sense of blaming yourself or coming down hard on yourself.?You will endure when you have a clear sense of self, when you own your direction and the choices you made in steps to get there.

Steps work or don’t work. They are not condemnation or an indictment.

You won’t waffle when you are clear.

If it is in your hands how you proceed, how far you take it, and how far you go before you sleep, you will go farther.

Your direction remains clear when you take responsibility for that decision in the first place.

Owning your choices makes you a better parent, a better friend, and family member.

You will be known as someone who means what he or she says. Your word will matter and truth telling in your family will be more likely.?

A great example is when you choose someone to spend time with, marry, or date. If you own that decision, you can’t blame the other person when it works or doesn’t. You picked them.

You have a decision to make, to make it work or let it go. They are for you or not for you, simple as that. Once you do, own it.

Choose the type of person you want to be and the type of person you want to be with and own it.

I forgot how freeing owning it is.

I explain less if I own my decisions.

My self image doesn’t take a hit when someone disagrees, because I have taken ownership and I feel more confident.

Owning a decision helps you finish it, because there will be no one to blame but you if it doesn’t work, so we tend to make it work.

That is why it is scary and so rewarding. When you make a big decision, push through, stick with it, and own the outcome, it is unnerving. But, when you succeed, the rewards are mind boggling.

It does wonders for your inner man and your self esteem.

You will gain a pattern for success.

Figure out what you want and own it. Make the necessary decisions and own them.

Own up to your mistakes, quit blaming other people. Own your part of life.

Then, stand tall.?You will respect yourself.

Barefoot and writing,


Owning it.

Save for later!

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