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Prepare for the aftermath of the 2020 election.

October 30, 2020
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“If 2020 has taught us anything, it is to be more aware of our surroundings, to be able to shelter in place for extended periods of time, to use good hygiene. So, take some time and prepare as best you can for possible trouble, power outages, natural disaster, slow ship times, or future lockdowns. Prepare to rely on yourself and to not have instant access to goods and services.”?

Prepare for the aftermath of the 2020 election.


Take this weekend and prepare for possible unrest, shortages, or more lockdowns in the U.S. You might have waited to see how things would go, but don’t be the one in line for hours somewhere. Just be more prepared.

For years, we have kept food and supplies in case of natural disaster or other unforeseen situations. Little did we know how that would help us when the government locked us down due to pandemic. Being prepared was such a relief, but life moves forward, so we should restock and stay prepared. Ultimately we are responsible for ourselves and our families.

We have already seen things here that most people were surprised to witness like CHOP and uncontested looting and violence. So, beyond keeping situational awareness on the front burner, we all need to be ready for disruptions of daily life that could come in the form of unrest or disruptions in the coming months. These interruptions of normal life could possibly spill out into the suburbs and beyond. No matter who gets elected eventually, these are troubled times. For that matter, natural disaster doesn’t care who you are or where you live.

Pray over these matters, and then?

First, consider again how you would handle disruption of goods and services especially if you live in a metropolitan area.

For the skeptics, I will let you know that I read both sides of the aisle in politics. There are plans by the far left to create anarchy. (no authority, chaos instead). I don’t think they will be successful. But unrest alone could disrupt the trucking and supply chains for food and everyday items. We don’t know this will happen but preparation is the smart choice here. With all that in mind, consider also the blocking of major highways as protest has already happened. We have also seen arson of buildings, and countless acres of land in California. You might have already noticed some things not being available or randomly disappearing from shelves. Just prepare for that on a greater scale.

What does this mean for you or me?

It means keeping a good supply of things you use all the time as well as thing you need to live. Also, it means being aware of your situation and surroundings and considering what ways you can be prepared for life outside your normal bubble.

This is not about fear, it is about balanced preparation. If you went for a period of time without certain items during COVID lockdowns because you were not paying attention,

Pay Attention Now.

Next, talk to your family and establish safest places to congregate if necessary to leave your home.

At least have the conversation and decide how you would handle these things.?

Make a grab and go bag with important documents, non perishable food, meds, personal items, and clothing for each member of your family.?

Ideally, keep your car gassed up with a full tank instead of running on fumes.

Stock up on supplies for everyday living like water, food, and meds.

As a rule, stay stocked up on things you use all the time including extra food and things that keep like canned food you like and dried beans or rice. Your favorite cereal with your favorite toppings may not always be in the store.?Have backups for the important stuff like meds and water. Get a water filter and information on water purification.?

Make it a habit to check your routes to and from work for disturbances if you live in or near a big city or place where there has been trouble.

Be smart so you do not get caught in a blocking traffic or attacking cars situation.

Make a first aid kit for home, work, and auto.

Prepare basic living alternatives for cooking, lighting, and warmth.

Prepare an alternative cooking method such as a grill or fireplace.

What about lanterns, candles, or solar to prepare for possible power outages?

Ask your family, “Does everyone have good shoes and a good coat for this winter?”

Do it now. I have seen sizes and availability shrink over the last year and waited longer for online orders. Get everyone taken care of before you need it. Think ahead and take care of matters you would normally wait on.?

Educate yourself on crisis management, safety, and basic first aid.

Talk about possible scenarios.

Gather information on crisis management and disaster preparedness at home.?Educate yourself and increase your homes safety.?Do you need better locks or to fix your gate? Should you secure the entrances to your home? Ask yourself if you needed to go somewhere else for a short time, where you would go.?Protect the vulnerable members of your family like children and the elderly.?

In some cities, 911 response has been slowed way down by rioting and other issues, so no matter where you live it may affect you.

Don’t go out into the street to see what is going on and become a statistic. Stay out of the crossfire so to speak. Have a discussion with your family and stay aware.?

Instead of worrying or griping, take some time to over prepare for possible crisis. Do what you can with what you’ve got.

I think preparing for a minimum of a few months wouldn’t be overkill considering the political climate. I have written about this in the past and this year we lived it. However, the 2020 COVID lockdown is just one example of life changing disasters that could happen.?Just like any disaster, some places will be worse, some will see nothing change, others everything.

Don’t assume that all people think like you do or conversely that the other side of the political spectrum is out to get you, but be aware. Be aware of your surroundings and do not become a statistic by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

If Trump is elected, the far left has said they will riot per their own constant chatter and the lack of effective local response to rioting and violence.

With the media keeping every negative thing on the front page and online every single day, stoking the flames so to speak people have grown angry. Angry frustrated people might act out. Actually, I think some anarchists are counting on that.?If the election is not initially conclusive, then there will still be unrest eventually, and possibly stay at home orders of some sort in some locations. If Biden is elected he has said he would lockdown everything as soon as possible due to COVID. There will still be rioting in the future, because people have figured out that many leaders are unwilling to stop the violence due to political pressure or personal political stance.?With elected leaders in America unwilling to stop the violence, and mob rule mentality seeping into everyday life, we have to think clearly and prepare.??In conclusion,?it is time to grow up and prepare your family as best you can. ?Save your cereal.

Barefoot and preparing,


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Save for later!

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