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Protect the eye gate

January 18, 2019
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Protect the eye gate.

Hours of reading things I’ve written in the past have shaken something loose, and the brain is in go mode. My dilemma is the opposite of writer’s block. It is writer’s overload, where thoughts overwhelm and don’t seem to have a common thread. So, I’ll open my laptop and let the stream of consciousness flow in the eye gate in random fashion. Ok world, here I am.

While I sit here, a movie plays in the background. It’s a love story set in a winery and the beautiful vineyard scenes are pleasant. It is rated G. The words eye gate come to mind to describe what I am thinking about.

We take in beauty and positivity through our eye gate. These good things affect the spirit and create good feelings.

A lovely vineyard set in the outdoors worked by friendly people creates good feelings in me. Sow health and light, reap health and light. Conversely, sow destruction, ugliness and evil, and well, reap the same.

Every thing we see enters the eye gate, so it is beneficial to our inner man to choose visuals that produce good things inside. The adage “what goes in is what comes out” is valuable truth.

When I see death in a movie, I close my eyes like a little child. I avoid graphic scenes in books, and choose music and entertainment based on a positive message. Most magazines are banned from my home, and I read books that make me feel better.

What’s the phrase? Some things you can’t un-see.

If “what goes in is what comes out” is true, then what goes in must be in line with our core beliefs.

The next time you get that yuck feeling watching something, act on it. Cut it off.

Protect the eye gate and reap better things.

Barefoot and writing, ?



Save for later!

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