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September 1, 2019
Save for later!

Grey days aren’t so bad, especially in the normally hot humid Mississippi. I welcome the rain and cloudy skies and cooler season! Always makes me want to make soup and tidy things up indoors. To cope, my little puppycat Janie and I are riding out the bad weather by snuggling while I write. Our big dog Darcy is lying in the floor snoring a little. Since last night was full of thunder, the dogs are staying close while I write about the joys of September.

For me, September is a month of change, renewal, excitement, and expectation.

Something wonderful happens to my emotional and mental state when I feel the change of season coming. As soon as it gets even slightly cooler outside, the breezes pull us outdoors for firepit chats and late night stargazing.

My family wakes up excited about football and school activities.

When the sound of a football game fills the house, we gather in the main room to cheer on our favorite teams. Before the start of the game, I make chili or my husband makes wings, but we all enjoy the excitement and make the games a family event.

September is also time for our seasonal clean up of the yard, hedges, driveway, windows, and pool area to prepare for visitors. Outdoor work is so much better in cooler weather!

We power wash the mildew from every surface and plant some mums for color. I love seeing everything green and tidy at the end of the summer into fall. I don’t even mind raking and weeding at this time of year.

To celebrate autumns arrival, we hang a fall wreath and clean up our boots for outdoor walks and camping.

Everything inside gets a polish too. Farms and grocery stores boast mounds of pumpkins and apples, so we? shop for pumpkins or make an apple picking trek. With all the harvest, the farmers market will overflow with fresh produce too.

September also means pulling out the RV, taking a short road trip, and Glamping/camping.

On the weekends we head to our favorite spots and set up our campsite. As it gets dark, we build a fire and roast marshmallows with the grandkids. The big wraps come out with the stars, and the kids pile in the camper to be silly while we have a glass of wine around the fire.

On chilly mornings, my husband mans the grill and makes big breakfast. There is nothing like bacon and eggs outdoors in the morning with a fresh cup of coffee.

While it is still early, he takes the grandkids fishing and I tidy up and make notes about writing. When the kids get back, I take them for a bike ride. Our bikes scatter leaves over the road and we pedal fast to make the trip extra breezy. Camping weekends make us all relax and relish the chilly weather outdoors.

Sometimes we make a last trip to the beach, but this year we are all in preparing for a trip to the mountains next month where it will be colder!

Even though we can’t wear sweaters in Mississippi most of the year, I want to buy a short stack of this years colors to wear in the mountains. In anticipation of making a thousand memories, I also want to pay attention and live every moment of this season.

Last month I chased the Mississippi summer blues away by dreaming about fall. In September, we can feel it coming! In October, we might be able to put away our swimsuits.

Barefoot and shopping for socks in Mississippi,


September harvest.

September is the season for change, renewal, and excitement.

Save for later!

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