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Spring cleaning closets one by one.

March 13, 2019
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I’ve had my mind on spring cleaning, especially when the sun came out yesterday and it was so warm outside.

The sun illuminates the windows and the floors, and suddenly I can see the grime left from the rain and dirty paw prints on my floors.

My closets have gotten a little out of whack too since we have been cleaning out the garage, so now I need to finish the project by putting away what was brought in. As things came out of the garage, we sent them to the proper room and created new disorder.?

I could get discouraged, but one thing at a time.

There is no time schedule, just peace of mind, because clean rooms and closets clear our minds of clutter and make way for the future. It is hard to move on when we are still hanging on to the past.?

I’ll start with emptying one of the messiest closets, because it gives me a big win early. Kids closets are more fun than the garage, just sayin’.?

I’m Spring cleaning closets the way I handle any big project or? chore, one shelf, one drawer, one side, one closet at a time.

Optimum: Empty the entire closet when no one is home but you.

Paint if needed.

If you don’t get that much time, start with a shelf or drawer and do one small part a day until it is done. Each small thing is a victory and banishing the chaos is life changing.

After emptying the closet and painting if necessary, separate all the contents into piles of like items.

Quickly sort each pile and separate into trash/keep/donate/or store better.

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As I separate the items, I will consider the best storage for each type of item to maximize space.

Books need a spot. Also DVD’s. The current shelves work but they could be more efficient. More shelves within the unit.

Art projects and glue guns, paper etc. markers, crayons, paint. I think clear bins would work best, in different sizes that could sit in a bigger bin, so things can be taken out at different times without having to redo it all after use.

Extra linens, pillows. Put a basket on the top shelf.

Games stack well.

Indoor toys of different types. Need to sort those. I think the kids need to help there! Maybe a bunch of mini buckets but square that they could toss into?

Clothing??A sweater stacker would work great for clothes.

Outdoor toys??Those larger bins would work for those.

There are a lot of things that sit on the floor, so that bothers me. I think some big stacking bins would help.

Ooh labels, everything needs labels. Now where is the label maker? Ug, office closet next.

I? like to get rid of the stressful mess and contain the useful that is left.

?Labeling makes it all work better too, because not being able to find things is stressful.

Chaos is stressful. Letting go is like a weight being lifted.

When I get it all sorted and some proper storage taken care of, I will put it all back and take away the boxes to donate, trash, or store better elsewhere.

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This category is all about simplifying and editing life.

Organizing and spring cleaning,?

Barefoot and writing,


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