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Stir things up to feel alive.

November 17, 2019
Stir things up to feel alive.
Save for later!

I’ve been thinking about movement and getting out of doors. There is an amazing world outside of our walls and our immediate environment that is worth exploring. I’ve also been thinking about the bland boring lives we fall into if we are not careful. Admittedly, I am a homebody so the thought of travel doesn’t appeal to me much, and I have to force myself to do anything different. I have to purposely plan to stir things up in my own life.

Stir things up to feel alive.

That makes me laugh. I have to plan to not be ordinary and boring. Wow.

Let’s do something out of the ordinary! Or conversely, do something we always do, but in a whole new way.

Maybe you are a person who does that every day. You try new things all the time, but have a particular way of doing that. Whatever your style, there are still ways to shake things up and add interest to your daily life.

Having said all that, some ways of stirring things up aren’t healthy, so let’s also do it in a good positive healthy way.

We get bored when we keep doing the same things the same way day after day. In order to not need the crutch of negative excitement, we need to create our own positive excitement to stir things up.

Shake up your day with a few simple changes.

Change where you eat, what you eat. Change your toothpaste and try a different store. Skip your regular route and go home a new way. Try that new restaurant. Wear something different and go somewhere you have never been.

As a creature of habit, I find these things difficult, but I do it on purpose occasionally to get us out of a rut. If you read barefoot inspiration on a regular basis, you probably know my other go to methods for finding joy and creating excitement. I do these things to stir things up!

Think about all your favorite moments, trips, days, or achievements, and find ways to replicate them. Add those moments back into your life.

For instance, add your favorite music into your day more. I use to be a musician and vocalist, so I miss it. I have decided to see a few concerts. I look for ways to get music back into my daily life intentionally. As an example, we turn on positive music as soon as we get home to fill our house with life. A couple of years ago, my husband got me a karaoke machine for Christmas. Once in a while, I boot it up and sing for hours.

Another way we combat boredom is getting outdoors. Stir things up with a fire pit, camping trip, or a live football game.

We bought a camper since we love the lakes, wildlife, and mountains so much. But, because it is so hot in Mississippi, we also have air conditioning in our travel trailer! To feel the wind in my hair, I ride my bike. My husband fishes in the quiet. At night, we spend time around the campfire. On a recent trip, we grilled out and sat around the firepit late into the night.

Go to a concert, a play, or eat outdoors. Do something active. Try a winery on an afternoon or take a drive and stop somewhere new.

We are making memories and creating moments, so it is up to up to keep the spark.

We still spend a day on a weekend reading sometimes. My husband and I like to watch a few shows, but we are also living bigger with more actual doing than watching.

Live bigger and stir things up. Make yourself feel more alive!

Barefoot and outdoors,

stir things up

Stir things up to feel alive!

Save for later!

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