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Success is not a four letter word.

October 4, 2019
Success is working your way to the top.
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Today’s post is encouragement to keep going and keep working toward that thing you have inside of you. Successfully reaching your goal is a good thing. Somehow the world tries to mash anyone who creates something of themselves or who becomes wealthy through business. Isn’t that the opposite of what it should be? The truth is that when you succeed in legal endeavors, you raise the lives of people around you and spread success. You make a better life for your family.

Success is not a four letter word. It is positive and catching. Spread success and it will affect everyone around you like ripples in a pond.

Most of the great things in our lives took effort on somebody’s part. There was a beginning, a middle, a “I can’t make it” pushing through, and a triumph. Some victories or achievements are quieter than others, but most success is not an accident.

Whatever it is you were created to do or want to see happen is clamoring for you attention. When you finally open that door, don’t be shy. Give it all you’ve got.

If your vision is about a personal matter such as a better marriage, love, or relationships, then the effort is still the same. It starts with you and the choices you make from this moment forward.

If your goal is work success or financial stability, it still starts with you. Your choices and decisions are not isolated. They all work together for your good or they hinder your efforts.

Target: A goal is your target and gives you somewhere to aim. Don’t accept anything less than your clear target.

An achievement will take effort, and starts with a choice to go after something in particular. Hone your idea, your craft, and define where you want to take it. Figure out what it is that you want or what you want to achieve. Give yourself a clear target and do not accept anything less.

Effort:? It is up to you to do what it takes.

Contrary to the relentless have it now and it should not be hard culture, success is not luck, inherited, or accidental. Success is earned.

The world screams it isn’t your fault if you don’t succeed, but the fault is immaterial. Successful people don’t spend time analyaing why it doesn’t work. They look for the ways it does work, where it works and then, they do more of that.

The world cries someone owes you, but that is also immaterial.

Do you want to be successful? Do you want change? Is there a goal you want to reach? Then it is up to you.?If you are willing to do what it takes, whatever you can imagine is attainable.

Focus:?You will need focus, a single minded mentality devoid of negativity.

Take ownership of the thing that you are praying for, working on, and moving towards. You can succeed with the right mindset.

On the other hand, if you believe you are a victim of a rigged system then that is what you will get.?In the same way, if you focus on is why it hasn’t worked, why things aren’t better then they will stay that way, because we get what we focus on.

Eliminate distractions. Let go of things that don’t add to your life, your family, and success of what you want.
Cover your endeavor with prayer.

Prioritize. Let go of the trivial and anything that doesn’t line up with what you want to achieve.

Game plan: Put things in order and make a game plan. You know where you are going, so work on some basic steps to get there.

Consider what steps it will take. If you don’t know how to get there, enlist some help and advice from experts and counsel. Do some research or find someone to do the research for you such as a marketing expert or business mind.

Work in the area of your interest. You will work harder and with more joy if you like what you are doing. If you are doing everything but the thing you were made to do, how will you succeed?

Community and counsel.?Surround yourself with people moving toward the same goal or with the same positive view of success.

Spend less time with people who are not positive about what you are doing or you. Look for friends and mentors who are willing to help or be there for you.

Success takes effort of some kind. It will not be handed to you.

You can work smart. You can work hard. Or both. It is up to you. Your dream is not anyone else’s responsibility. It isn’t their job. Don’t expect someone else to work your dream. Own it.

Work at it. Spend time on it. Do more than expected. Give your dream more effort and then some more. Put your money where your mouth is and invest in yourself and your dream.

Press on and persevere.

Everyone has struggles and sometimes we get tired of the fight. We need a moment in the fighters corner to get water and rest before we get back out there and start swinging. When the trainer sends us back out with a go get em, you can do it, we feel the energy of the encouragement.

For me, God is my trainer and his words to me are press on, don’t give up, keep the faith. You can do it. These words are yours should you choose his plan and his goal for you. It is in there. You can do the thing you were created to do and succeed.

To persevere is to continue in the face of difficulty even when it looks like you will not succeed.

Press on. Persevere. With your eyes on the prize, keep moving forward, and don’t give up. Success is just on the other side.

Barefoot and writing,


Success is not a four letter word.

When you open the door, give it all you’ve got. Success is not a four letter word.

Save for later!

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