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Take a step, move forward. Take another. Do it again.

September 9, 2022
moving forward
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Take a step. Move forward. Take another and do it again.

After a year-long break from writing, I’m moving forward and writing again! For years, I had recorded thoughts on life and encouragement on a regular basis. But in the last couple years, I allowed myself to slow down, and without fanfare came a full stop. I wondered if I could get myself going again. To be honest, here in this moment, writing feels like a train going uphill. I want to do it, but I feel sluggish as if I lack the horsepower. However, that thought is the inner lie. Uphill is not impossible.

Uphill is just another section of the road.

Each day we start again. We might start in the middle, or start from scratch, or in my case, re-start, but the key is to simply move forward.

Go on. Take big steps or baby steps, hop, leap, run, or sprint, but move forward. Be reminded that wherever we are every morning, that is just a new beginning, another leg of the race. The path is forward. We can choose where we are going, make a plan to get there, but we have to take steps forward.

As long as we move forward in some way, every day is a new day. Every beginning is just another leg in the race.

Like me, you  may feel like you are chugging slowly uphill, but there is value in the pushing through. In fact, in my own personal journey, writing is THERAPY, so clearly I need to push on through.

When we do something every day towards our goal or desire, we make progress. If we do it on a regular basis, we create momentum.

A new friend and business leader reminded me of this life lesson recently.

We create momentum by doing the right things on a regular basis.

In my own life, my best writing comes in waves of constant focus. If I lose focus and stop jotting down ideas and thoughts, and neglect putting them down in paragraph form, I lose the habit. It is always a slow grind to get the habit going again. I lose the forward motion, the natural progression.

For me, writing with clarity and rhythm is especially difficult after a year of letting my blog sit idle. I contend that many great efforts have this in common. We gain forward motion and natural progression through consistent effort. Even the simple steps create future harvest.

We reap what we sow.

Momentum and consistency are vital for present and continued success.

I started Barefoot Inspiration to help people, and in particular women, to overcome depression, illness, or other life challenges. Most often, I wrote to get a new more positive perspective and encourage others to do the same in their lives. I wanted to help others move forward, because writing daily helped me move forward.

When I stopped writing regularly, I stalled out a bit. I was doing other things, but I had stopped doing what had created mental health success. I lost momentum and eventually stopped writing altogether.

So here I am. Starting the uphill leg of the journey and gaining momentum. With consideration towards the several areas of my life that need consistency, I am making progress.

Let’s do the simple things every day and move forward. Don’t worry about tomorrow or yesterday, just take it one step at a time.

Take the next step. Move forward. Do the things you know to do. Be consistent.

Gaining momentum while barefoot and writing,


Do it, sow some seeds for tomorrow. Take the steps, move forward and do it again.

Galatians 6:7b … for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.

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