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Take the rainy day soup making approach

January 23, 2019
Save for later!

Take the rainy day soup making approach.

It is raining again. I can’t remember the last time it rained like it has this winter and we have just begun. For several days it has come down in a steady pour, so it is time for rainy day soup making.

Occasionally, the rain picks up and looks more like I am standing under a waterfall. Our dogs are drenched every time I let them out and I towel them down from head to feet when they come back in. They enjoy it and start to play when I get them almost dry ducking under the towel, snorting and wiggling. Darcy tries to lick my face, and I laugh and keep toweling, so my wonderful off white area rug in the great room doesn’t get trashed.

Generally, I like these rainy days, but I have been coughing and sneezing and  snuggled up in bed to keep the chill out. Fibromyalgia doesn’t react well to temperature changes and humidity, so I am struggling. Seems like a good day to make soup though if I can get the energy to do it.

Rain always makes me want to make soup. It is a reflex.

I guess it is one of those lemons into lemonade things. I can either complain about personal aches and pains, or make a rainy day something warm and wonderful.

Life isn’t always the easiest to deal with, but our approach is the difference between a bad day and a better day isn’t it?

I look in the pantry and find some organic beef stock, an onion, and check the fridge. It appears that Hearty Beef Vegetable is the ticket, so I think I will put on a pot and let it warm up the house. Maybe, add some garlic and a dash of cayenne to the standard plethora of spices. I am already chopping in my mind and thinking about how fragrant and satisfying it will be.

So, I have to go, got some soup to make.

Barefoot and writing,


Save for later!

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