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Tend the fire: happiness is catching

January 15, 2019
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When you are happy everything takes on a more beautiful hue. Colors are brighter, deeper, and more vibrant. Skies are bluer and problems that arise seem smaller and less important.

To keep that feeling, we have to tend the fire. Happiness is catching.

Real happiness is like a wonderful new perfume that permeates everything around you in a cloud of delicious aroma. When someone passes you with a big sincere smile, it reaches out and grabs you. Sometimes you react with a smile of your own that grabs the next person.

Think of true happiness as a warm fire. To keep it going, the fire must be tended.

Here are some ways to start and tend your fire.

  1. Choose to be grateful.

    We are blessed to be here, to live another day, and blessed to have anyone in our lives who thinks we are wonderful. It is no small thing to have eyes, voices, and hearing.

  2. Pursue purpose and meaning.

    We are each created for a purpose and knowing we are loved and made for something gives us roots and strength. Purpose and meaning keep us going when things are hard and ground us for the long haul.

  3. Surround yourself with positive loving people.

    It is a happiness secret. By getting rid of the influence of life suckers, your daily mood will soar. Think about your friends and family and limit contact with those who make you feel bad, criticized, or angry when you are with them. (There are some you may have to not spend time with for a while.)

  4. Make your home environment happiness friendly.

    Some houses are depressingly dark, dirty, or sad. Start with a big clean up and your home will immediately feel better. Let in the light, and eliminate those things that are depressing.

  5. Our music, books, and entertainment choices either add or subtract from happiness. Choose things for your home and brain that make you feel euphoric or uplifted, silly or energetic. Also, eliminate those things that make you feel bad or depressed when you hear or see them.
  6. Your personal appearance and what you wear can add to your mood or subtract from it. Besides taking a shower, take better care of yourself, and get a haircut. Try better quality clothing, some color, or lighter colors.
  7. Pursue excellence in your chosen profession and pursuits. It is healthy to feel proud of yourself for a job well done.?Hearing “good job” will do wonders for you. Saying good job is a way to pass it on.

We all need good things to think about, because dwelling on the good things in our lives or to come is happiness maintenance. Choose to fill your life with happy people, good things, meaning, and? absorbing pursuits. Be thankful and you will have found the key to choosing happiness.

Choose happy and be contagious.

Barefoot and writing,


Choosing happiness.

Happiness, tend the fire. It will be contagious!

Save for later!

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