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That Christmas Feeling

December 1, 2019
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that Christmas feeling

Sometimes we float through December lifted by the Christmas feeling of sparkle and peace good will towards all people.? But, other years we struggle just to get through the holidays.

Personally, I have to admit I have been on all points on the spectrum of holiday cheer over the years. And this season? I am contentedly in the peace and love column. But if the lights and holiday music leave you lonely or sad, I can understand.

I have been there, so many losses at Christmas for me. But as time has passed, I managed to move forward and leave my Christmas melancholy behind. It has been a conscious act to give wonderful holidays to my family instead of dwelling on pain or the past. I want their memories to be good.

If you need a dose of the Christmas feeling, I assure you that you can find it. Yes, I know it is not simple, but when you are ready, it is still there.

So, I pray right now that you find some of the peace and joy available, and specifically, the spirit of Christmas.

You will have to make an effort in some way, but maybe just be open, and expect something different. Ask for something different. Pray for some Christmas to find you while you look.

Christmas is a giving season, a soulful celebration of the birth of Jesus. To 75% of the world, it is a holy day and a joyful month. It is also about humility and kindness, love and lasting peace.

I know the stores decorate too early for some, and people shop to excess. All that commercialism right? But the wonderful far outweighs anything you can find to complain about. It can be magical and beautiful.

For many, it is a celebration of family and gathering, of new family members, new homes, new jobs, new joys. It is remembering those we have lost and making new memories. And, giving kids the joys we had (or didn’t have) when we were kids ourselves is still giving.

What could be better than giving gifts and bringing joy to the people you love while they are still here?

We can take it all in and be present, be more aware of each moment. With the understanding that those moments are precious, we can let go of any bitterness or melancholy and find Christmas again.

Songs and carols can? help us feel its magic. Sights, sounds, and aromas help us remember ones gone by if we let them.

My prayer for you is that you feel the season’s amazing warmth at least once. I pray you are able to stop and be wonderfully surprised by a Christmas feeling that brings healing to your mind, body, and soul.

Look around and find some things to be thankful for, someone who needs some kindness.

Take a look at where you are and find the good in it.

God said he who seeks me will find me. It is as simple as that. You ask and seek and you will find him.

Jeremiah 29:12 and 13
12Then you will call upon Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you. 13You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.

That Christmas Feeling

a poem for Christmas from me to you

We’re all wrapped in scarves and mittens,

and on our way to town,

in the hush of winter snow fall,

soft white drifting toward the ground.

If I could, I would take my Christmas

wrap it up, and slow it down.

Our warm hands and cold noses,

make bouquets from red roses,

hear the carolers, and see the Christmas plays.

Captivated by its magic I say,

Can you feel it, this Christmas feeling?

Silver bells are ringing, a choir begins to sing,

there’s nothing like Christmas and its peace on earth for me.

Our little ones in flannel pajamas,

and white twinkle lights on every tree,

it’s time to bake and warm the kitchen

with cinnamon, spice,

an apple scented memory.

Let’s snuggle up by the fire, hot cups of coffee or tea

and really feel the Christmas feeling,

lovingly quilted, and where we want to be.

Under starry skies and Christmas lights,

we are safe in our homes and winter wondrous land.

Tomorrow, we’ll make snow men,

tie bows, wrap gifts by hand.

to share the Christmas feeling of love for all,

From my heart to yours and back again.

Barefoot and writing,


that Christmas feeling

Can you feel it? That Christmas Feeling?

Save for later!

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