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the $100,000 truth, success is earned, not given.

April 23, 2020
success is earned
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If you gave every person in the United States $100,000, with no strings attached, what would happen? I call it the $100,000 truth.

One year after distributing $100,000 to each person, and upon checking in with each one, you would find vastly different outcomes, because true success is earned or gained, and it is deeply personal.

Which one of the following would you be?

With $100,000, on the first day, some enterprising individuals would create a new business and employ others. They would have an engaging career and business.

Some savvy investors would multiply their $100,000 amount through investments and have $1,000,000.

But, more than a few would spend it in the first week on a new car or one crazy week in Vegas.

A few might spend weeks deciding how to spend it and pay bills, put some away.

There would be some would do nothing out of fear.

Sadly, there would also be drug overdoses and vice overindulgence.

Some would drink themselves into oblivion or head straight to the nearest casino and gamble it away in days.

Maybe you can understand:

The $100,000 truth, success is earned, not given.

Over the same 12 months, some people would live it up. Some would die from natural causes and money would not play a part at all.

However, someone else would take their windfall money and put it in the bank for a rainy day.

Others would donate or create a charitable foundation.

Some would buy a house outright for themselves or their mom.

In one year, some would be richer, some heading a new company, some poorer, some broke, some dead, others ruined. Some would have created incredible success with their gift.

A few would create a small business that then would grow into a huge business that employs thousands. They would have to incorporate and issue stock.

This $100,000 truth reveals a life lesson. True success is earned, not given. It is both inner work and outer work, a reflection of work done.

Money savvy can be taught. Responsibility can be learned. In fact, saving is a habit, a habit your can start right now.

Success is personal. It is up to you to save that first dollar out of the next ten, two hundred out of your stimulus. Only you can stay late, go in early, teach your kids to do without the latest gadgets and clothes. Only you can plant your garden, stock your owb pantry, and be responsible for your own life.

Establish the min line. Pay your bills, cover food, save the first ten, maintain shelter. Don’t let anyone tell you it is not up to you to take care of your family. You can do it.

Just like you cannot create another woman or man’s success, your government cannot spend someone else into lasting success. We can all help, give, donate, and love, but we have the responsibility to care for our children and homes to the best of our ability.

There is hope. You can do this.

The $2400 or $100,000 are just tools. It is the person using the tool that determines whether the tool is used effectively and is successful, or wasted and lost.

Whether it is ten dollars, twenty, or more, it is up to you what you do with it.

For instance, the government is giving U.S. citizens back some of our tax dollars to help us cope with economic crisis due to social distancing and COVID-19 in April 2020. What will you do with it?

Many will spend it as intended on their mortgage, food, and bills. Others, sadly, will spend it on frivolous items, addictions, or wants.?Some will make good decisions, some bad, and dig themselves deeper into a financial hole. It is the $100,000 truth on a smaller scale.

The money you earn or are given is a tool. This is your reminder that how you use it is solely up to you.

So, it is in your hands to use this tool as intended and help yourself and your family weather the storm.

Time to be part of your family’s solution. You and your family deserve your best you in this time of crisis.

Money put away for the next rainy day can help.

Barefoot and writing,


For more on success, read Success is not a four letter word.

the truth about money

What you do with your money can change your life or frustrate you; The truth about money.


Save for later!

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