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The quick clean up homemaker hack list

November 22, 2019
clean home and self care
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The quick clean up homemaker hack list for the get it done day.

This post is for that phone call announcing unexpected guests or that day your place is a mess and you need a quick result. Just breathe easy and try this homemaker hack list. For the quick clean up focus only on the basics and get it done.

Dishes: First, quickly round up the dishes from the main rooms and take them to the kitchen.

Run soapy water over the dishes in the sink. Keep it simple. If you have super dirty cooking pans/dishes, wipe them out with paper towels before you plunge them in hot sudsy water.

Countertops: While they soak, wipe down the counter tops with paper towels and a smell good cleaner.

Pickup the main rooms: Do a 5 minute highspeed pickup with a laundry basket.

Pick up toys, papers, and any items that don’t belong from surfaces, floors, and furniture. If you have time, drop these items in their correct rooms. If not, stow the whole thing in the laundry room or your bedroom to disperse later. Take any trash to the trash can.

Add lovely aromas.

For the aroma and hospitality, start a pot of coffee or light your favorite candle if you can handle it. I can’t have candles so I make coffee and top it with cinnamon. You can also heat 1/8 cup of vanilla to a 1/2 cup of water on the stove or in the oven to make your house smell heavenly.

Vacuum main space.

Run the vacuum over the floor of the main room.

Do a quick guest bath wipe down and add a clean hand towel.

If the bathroom is dirty, and I have no time, I spray cleaner with bleach in the toilet, use glass cleaner on the sink and mirror, and pick up or remove used towels in the bath that will be used by guests. Then, I add a clean hand towel and clean bath towels. Open a fragrant soap.

Eliminate the pet issues:

Pet odors are not welcoming. In my house, I have to vacuum since I have pets that shed. Litter boxes are the worst, scoop and take out the offending debris.

Most importantly, take out the trash!

Then, put a laundry load of the dirtiest or smelliest clothes in to wash and remove their smelly influence.

It helps to lower your home’s temperature.

We live in the south, so we lower the temperature of the heat or run the AC to get the air flowing. Cooler air reduces smells. Increase the air flow with your overhead fan to spread the good aromas of vanilla, coffee, or candles. In cooler weather, you could open the windows.

If you have a few dirty spots on your hard floors that look awful, grab some paper towels and cleaner and do a spot clean.

Easy. Keep it simple. Don’t try to mop the whole house.

There you go. 20-30 minutes and your place looks a lot better, smells better, and you feel better.

Unless your entire kitchen is filled with dishes, you can finish the dishes and load the dishwasher after some self care.

Now, go take care of your quick #selfcare.

Minimally, wash your face, comb your hair, brush your teeth, and throw on something clean and your favorite fragrance. You could take a quick bath if you have more time.

Then, breathe deep and make that cup of tea, coffee, glass of wine or ice water.

Now, you still have a few minutes to throw the dishes in the dish washer and enjoy your clean space with some soothing music.

When I get done with a 20-30 minute clean up, I might also have created loads of time to get myself ready and pick up stuff for the evening meal and a light breakfast.

We generally keep good snacks and beverages on hand.

With guests in mind, I check to see if I have a bottle of wine and some cheese. I will cut the cheese and lay out on my wooden cutting board to have with crackers and nuts for easy snacking.

Finally, in the event of an overnight guests, my house is almost ready after the initial quick clean up.

I just take it a step further. If guests are staying overnight, I do the quick pick up of the guest room and put on clean sheets. I run the vacuum there too.

When I have the time, I check the other bedrooms and baths to get them in shape, empty that laundry basket, finish the kitchen. Sometimes I empty leftovers and put on something to bake. It is so much better hanging out in a clean house.

Do the quick clean up every day and you won’t have to spend so many hours on your place to keep it nice.

Involve your kids, grandkids, or spouse and get the quick clean up done even quicker.

In my family, we do a quick clean up before a family movie, before we go out, or before other fun activities. Anyone can clean and pick up for 20 minutes. Just set a timer, turn on the Music and GO!

Barefoot and keeping it real while keeping it clean,

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How to do a quick clean up in 30 minutes or less

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