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To live the great moments, we need to rest & recharge.

July 15, 2019
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Summer is fully here and days have been busy. We have had birthdays, a 4th of July celebration, our anniversary, Mother’s Day and don’t forget vacations, weddings and graduations. Spring into summer is a busy season for everyone, but to be fully present and live in great moments, we need to rest and recharge.

When we run on empty, there is nothing left to give. We are better when rested, more positive and uplifting when recharged.

I heard someone say recently that they needed a vacation from all the activities.?I am like that too in that I need breaks in between big events. Minimally, I need a week or two of LESS to get reoriented.

It is a vital life lesson to learn how important it is to put time in between all the events of life.?To be in the amazing moments, you need your best self, so first, realize you need rest.

No matter how much you have to or want to “go go go,” your mind and body functions better with adequate down time.

You don’t need permission to rest from anyone but yourself.

I get it that you work a lot, you have kids, you have bills. But what is the point of all that, if your life passes you by? When everyone grows up will you remember all the events and daily life with your family? Is there a trophy for busiest person? Does it make you feel successful to be busier than anyone else?

Hard working and busy are not the same thing. Busy is just busy. Put some space in there.

You are allowed to rest.

I understand the need to succeed. We all admire the hard workers, but most truly successful in life people will tell you to eliminate time wasters and bad habits, and schedule some good down time. You may not need 8 hours a night of sleep, but you need brain recharge time.

Some quiet, some still or slow.

You don’t have to schedule something every minute of the day. Down time gives your mind time to rest and think more clearly. Let yourself be still.

Are you thinking “How can I justify rest when I have so much to do?”

Here are some good reasons to be more rested:

1. We react better to negative situations. In dire circumstance, we respond better to crisis.

2. We are more patient. Instead of popping off at someone, we are more likely to think before we speak.?We are more patient with our children, friends, and spouse when we are not tired.

3. Rest is a part of looking and feeling younger. We look younger and less haggard with adequate sleep. Our skin and bodies need the restorative time. It is part of a balanced life.

4. Our brains function much better with regular?sleep, so we do a better job and think more clearly.

5. We are more proactive instead of reactive such as in paying bills on time, spotting trouble ahead, and raising great kids.

6. With rest and recharge time, we can be fully in the great moments when we have them instead of just getting through them.

7. Great ideas spring up when we change our focus from problems to rest. Our brains problem solve when we shift gears.

8. We feel happier and more in control when we are not reeling from busy-ness.

9. Rest helps us deal with what comes next.

10. Rest and recharge is a gift to the other people in your life, because it makes you a better partner, friends, employee, and parent.

Don’t you want to remember the great moments? Feel them and relish them? Do you want to live your life instead of sleepwalking through it?

I can hear it now. It is my bosses fault, my wife’s fault, my husbands fault. Own it. Your life is yours. What you do with it is your decision.

Stand up and take care of it. Rest and recharge and quit blaming everyone else for being tired.

Knowing why we need rest can help you articulate why you are going to lie down instead of doing that non essential thing right now, so let the reasons for rest sink in. Our brains function better, we react better in a crisis, we are more patient and kind, and we live our lives instead of checking off a list. We are all around better people when rested.

You might have to say no more often.

If you don’t like that or feel uncomfortable saying No, Practice saying it. Practice a phrase that you feel comfortable with like “No thank you, my plate is full.” or “I cannot add another thing right now, I am out of rest as it is.” or “Thank you for thinking of me, but I am unable to attend, or help, or be there, or fix your mess.” “Sorry, Can’t” Practice. Trust me on this.

Learn to say no to unnecessary clutter in your life schedule. Own that you want to be more balanced. Own that you need more rest.

Learn to schedule rest and recharge.

Put it in your calendar. Put it in your daily schedule. Try a Stay-cay (Stay home vacation) where one day at the beginning and one at the end is just for sleeping in and goofing off.

What makes you feel rested and recharged?

I read or watch my favorite movies punctuated with swimming or a small job that makes the house live better. Sometimes just puttering around the house after a quick clean up and having long talks with my husband over coffee is great down time. We sleep in some, work in the yard, take a dip in the pool. No schedule other than a no agenda day.

Finally, learn to be vocal about rest.

If you are one of those personalities who finds it difficult to voice your need for rest, re-read the reasons for rest until it resonates. Practice saying why you need rest using the sound reasons above so that you can stand your ground when you need to. You probably also need to delegate some work to others and eliminate unnecessary things, events, and time eaters.

Life takes balance. If yours is out of balance, add some rest and recharge, remove some stuff, and live better.

Rest and recharge,

Barefoot and writing,


When you are running on empty, you have nothing left to give. Rest and recharge.

Save for later!

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