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Turn off the negative news & speak well of America.

September 11, 2019
Save for later!

Everywhere I look I look I see gardening, barns, jeans, and off the grid building. It seems farm country and homesteading are making a comeback. Family focused people are working to raise better families and do a great job at their jobs. Without a doubt, we live in a great land full of enterprising business owners. We are a family oriented nation who still help their neighbors and speak well of one another. However, if you read or watch the negative soul sucking news, you will see a distorted America.

My advice should you care to take it is to turn off the  news. Main stream media has lost its collective mind.

Refuse to support the gossip and slander without research mentality. Deny the character assassins their payoff. Give yourself a wonderful gift and let it go.

If you listen to the media lately, it appears there is rampant racism and racially motivated violence on every corner. But, if you live outside of the media hubs and big cities, you will find something much different. 

When we gather for football games or school functions, the divide is between opposing schools, not races. School, churches, communities, and sports teams are made up of every kind of people.

Hometown diversity around the kitchen table is common. Americans are more concerned with character and kindness.

Honestly, most people I know don’t really think about color, economic background, or ethnicity. Of course, I live in a small town, not a big angry town dominated by negative media.

If you go around looking for trouble, search for ways to be offended, you will find those things. However, if you look for the good things, talk about positive uplifting people and places, that is what you will find instead.

In Main Street American households, people are more concerned with quality of life, the protection of children, and family oriented activities. People are concerned with mental health and keeping their family members away from drugs or destructive behavior. 

My family has turned off “the news” completely.

In addition,  we refuse to read the hate inciting headlines against fellow Americans and our leaders and anyone else who dares question the constant negativity. In our home, we do not allow the pundits to tell us how we think. We have minds of our own.

If you want something positive to watch, try American Ninja Warrior, The Voice, or song land. Shows that encourage everyday people to chase their dreams, live a bigger happier life, and to succeed make us all feel great. Shows with a positive message are good for the mind.

America draws people from all over the world, because it is a place where jobs are plentiful and with some work you can open a business.

It is not the violent racist hotbed the media would have us believe. Instead, mental health is the issue we are concerned about. 

In America, we are not controlled by drug lords, a male dominated religion and society, socialism, a dictatorship, or cartels. You can move freely between states and don’t need anyone’s permission to travel or purchase a home. It is true freedom to live how you want within the laws of our great country. Freedom, however, comes with responsibility. Every choice we make has a consequence. Your choices are your responsibility, just like mine are mine.

I have grown so weary of the media accusing Americans of blatant racism and trying to incite a race war. Just turn it off. You will feel loads better.

I don’t care what color you are or where you came from. I care that you treat people fairly, respect others, respect yourself, pay your bills, obey the laws, and raise great kids. Most of us are doing the best we can. Show respect, give respect, and you will gain respect.

Specifically, get out of the big city crime centers and open a small business somewhere. Over 50% of Americans are employed by small business. Start a business and you will find out who the real America is. 

Choose your friends and co workers wisely. Choose a school/church/job you can be proud of. Build a happy home and family. There are way too many people ignoring the huge issues in their own families.

I get it. It is not always that easy, but whatever we focus on is what we get, so let’s focus on the good things.

My advice is to stop speaking ill of our great land or we will lose it.

Stop blaming everyone else for your own unhappiness, but most of all turn off the hate filled negative soul sucking news and start living a positive life.

Waving a flag proudly and speaking well of America.

Save for later!

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