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What if today is your first day?

February 27, 2019
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I woke up with the words “what if today” in my head.

What if today we do something that makes today better? What if tomorrow is permanently affected by today? How do we want it to go?

What if today is the first day of your better life??

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

It is.

It is the first day of your better life.


What if today you vowed to say all good things and not complain or be negative for 24 hours?

What if today you said no to something that makes you miserable all while wearing a smile?

What if today you chose to make your personal life? a chaos free zone?

What if today you chose to eat healthier?

What if today you smiled all day just to see what people would say?

What if today you got off the couch, went? outside, and walked?

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What if today you put your health front and center with one healthy change, just one?

What if today you let go of the anger you have been holding and unleashed an era of good things?

What if today you climbed out of your rut, looked forward instead of back and made one step in a positive direction?

What if today you refused to watch or listen to negative media diatribes?

What if today you started spring cleaning by giving your favorite room a scrub?

What if today you made a list of every good thing you would like to see happen this year??

What if today you asked God to help you with your pain?

What if today you decided to make this day count?

What if today you remembered that the best times of your life weren’t in the past, but could be just up ahead?

What if today is the first in a series and this day your attitude determines where it will all go?

What if today you open up and let all the negative out and shout Hallelujah at the top of your lungs in a crowded parking lot?

Ok just wanted to see if you were paying attention.

Make a life, make it count, live it well.

Start today. It’s never too late.

Barefoot and writing,


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