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Winter Is Colored by Valentine Red

January 31, 2019
valentine red
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I look forward to February where winter is colored by Valentine red and chases the dreary grey away. We don’t get much snow in Mississippi, so the red lifts us out of the doldrums.

Valentine Red

The delicious riot of color and textures wake us up. 

I just imagine shopping for the one I love, and the splash of soft red hearts on embossed white cardstock.

Then I get to peruse every shade of red velvet, wine, and blush roses grouped by color. When I get home, I arrange my choices in vases and enjoy their pretty colors with their dark green fern nest.

A romantic movie or two and a bottle of wine with dinner I don’t have to make he suggests?

Love it. 

At this time of year, I want to feel like a Valentine for more than a day.

With all the focus on love, I am feeling very girly, soft and romantic. My music message should match how I am feeling, so I put on my favorite relaxing music selections. 

For the love of Valentine possibilities, I’ve also indulged in wide satin ribbon to tie and drape with great care. I’ve been considering gifts and gift ideas that he would like too.

Picture it; I could put a favorite photo or a poem in a frame and give over dinner. But, the best gift is a happy dazzling me first.

I want to look amazing tonight. Maybe wear a Valentine red dress.

                Tonight, I will dazzle him.

With that in mind, I am going to spend all day on myself and our date, good for the soul.

Some people scoff at Valentines Day, but their disdain reminds me of people who complain about Christmas.

Sad to think someone can’t enjoy colors or twinkle lights that freshen up our bland winter world.

In the spirit of the holiday, maybe your girl or guy needs some twinkle lights in their favorite tree and a dinner close by.

However small or big doesn’t matter, your thoughts for your loved ones are the thing that counts. Gifts are personal.

If you knew her his or shoe size, you could pick her a pair of fun shoes.

Why wouldn’t someone appreciate a woman putting on her best dress and feeling beautiful?

All of the grey, the white, the rainy days wake up when splashed with Valentine red. 

Think about a grey winter day brightened by the sight of a dozen red roses and balloons bobbing down a street. Makes me grin. Especially if the backdrop is a white blanket of snow. The burst of red on white is beautiful.

 I have a Kitchenaid mixer like the one below. It was a Valentines gift. Truthfully, it was the only gift I have ever received that plugged in that I was ok with besides a karaoke machine! I use it weekly and have since 2006.

My husband would love this hammock I found available in red. If your guy or girl is an outdoor aficionado, then this looks fun for snuggling.

red Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock

While shopping for my husband yesterday surrounded by hearts and store decor, I remembered my delicate gold hoops in a little black velvet box he gave to me years ago, and touch each ear to make sure they are still there.

I am glad my husband makes an effort, so I think I will pick up some dark chocolate candies with caramel at the center for us to share this week.

When I feel like a Valentine,  I want to dazzle.

This afternoon I am going to do the rituals. A long bath after a pedicure, followed by hair and makeup.

There is something to be said for the extra effort to dazzle him or her.

I want to give my hair a fresh look, wear something that makes me feel great, maybe go get my nails done. I feel feminine, a little sexy.

My guy brought me home a gift certificate for the place I get pedicures, loved it. 

Truthfully, we all have the same amount of time. We alone decide how we spend it.

But, I get it. Life takes up so much time. Who has time for all the fuss?

It is up to us what things we participate in, what things we give our time to. We can decide to invest a little time away from the television or work and give some cheerful tokens of hearts and color. To make an extra effort for our significant other shows depth and care.

Gifts and care add life to relationships when they are given with sincere affection.

I love celebrating the holiday with my husband. He doesn’t mind my swooning over red roses and hearts, he adds to the fun.

Gifts with a pleasing aroma get my attention too. Choose a new fragrance for her or him, pick up a favorite.

To scatter printed tissue paper and scrunch it just so in the top of a gift makes it pretty and takes a minute. In that minute, I slow down and take in the pleasing array of colored paper. It is healthy to think on things that are lovely.

Most importantly, holidays, even Valentine’s Day, are a reason to gather and make memories.

I have had to say goodbye to so many people that I want to celebrate every moment with my family that remains. So, Valentines’ Day? Its another way to say I love you and I’m glad you are here. Bring on the color and hearts, flowers and paper.

Time for a new shirt or dress, maybe some spa time or just relaxing so you are dateable? Don’t forget to smell good.

Dazzle him or her. You are a Valentine. Wear some Valentine red and sparkle.

Its never a bad time to send chocolate, just sayin’or flowers.

Happy  gifting. Let’s show some love to those we love.

Barefoot and writing, 


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you are a valentine in red

You are the Valentine, Go ahead and dazzle him in red.


Save for later!

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