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You are beautiful

January 17, 2019
you are beautiful
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You are beautiful.

Someone should whisper it in your ear every day. That someone is you, so I’m reminding you. Women are a gift to humankind, and you should feel that. Deep down, you should know “You are beautiful” so it can pour out of you.

Remember, your soft skin is uniquely woman, and your curves designed to mesmerize.

But, to be clear, beautiful is made up of so many things.

Think about it. The big wide world would never make it with just one half of the human race. Our world needs both masculine and feminine energy to keep it buzzing, to keep it civilized, to stir things up.

As a woman, to be both fragile and strong, both soft and resilient grounds those around you.?

If no one has mentioned it lately, the way you smile when you are happy is contagious and fascinating.

As a matter of fact, your wrinkles are gorgeous, especially those around your mouth from smiling, your eyes from twinkling. What would the world be without your brand of humor?

What would your family be like without you in it? You are valuable.?

They may not tell you every day, but they need you.

Hear me when I tell you, they need you.

Honestly, we all need you, your best you.

So, go ahead, get some rest, call a friend, take a bath, and rejuvenate, because there is no one like you.?You are beautiful, and wonderfully made.

However many times it takes, look in the mirror and see what is right, release the judge. Send her packing and hold your head up.

You are beautiful.

Boldly, you are woman and unique. Be okay with what works, let go of what doesn’t. Breathe.

Without question, you are important.

Barefoot and writing,


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